( A prophecy received after an experience when praying for my son.)

When I finished calling on specific keys and praying for James, a wind blew through, immediately finishing my prayer. I felt Ellya very strongly, and it was an emotion- packed, significant spiritual moment for me. 

 Ellya speaking:

My spirit comes where it is wanted, where it is desired. I am drawn, sucked into the vacuum you create when there is need within you. I can then fill you with the winds of my spirit. I blew right through your body and left you breathless. Did you feel me oh so close, so close you could ‘touch’ me and the power and passion rose up within you? I took your breath away, and you became so acutely aware of my spirit, my presence.  You felt my blush, and you felt a rush of love so beautiful, so encompassing, so caring, and you were buoyed up on my breeze. In that moment you ‘knew’… what did you know sweetie? It was like you knew and understood so many things all at once deep in your spirit; like you were infused with wonderful truths, deep knowledge, wisdom and a knowing that our Lord knows us all so well and is so acquainted, so intimately watching and engineering every aspect of our lives; that there is nothing to fear even when it hurts and so many things seem to go wrong and you’ve made a big mess of things. You felt in every particle of your body that everything is gonna be ok.

Such love, such enveloping reassurance; cared and covered. It felt like magic, like I blew magic dust on you and in you and through you. It felt so beautiful, didn’t it? I came to infuse hope and courage into James, vicariously through you. Like electricity, the energy surged through you –through your held hands– to James, to lift his flagging spirit. I used you as a conduit, my dear one. It’s ok, sweetie, it just makes you cry every time you think about it. It’s a little overwhelming. It feels so awesome to be ‘used’ in this way. My love is wild for you sister, wild and free, nothing else compares on this earth. It’s surreal; it’s unearthly, heavenly! Yes! You were allowed to be caught up in the spirit, the whirlwind of my cleansing, full of hope and love, unbridled, rise above power. You felt me whispering in your ear, so close, so real, inside of you. It was your ‘by sight’ experience that we are here, we are real and we will help. It’s changed everything for you now. You have tasted and you are drawing for more, like a fire sucks up oxygen to conflagrate and burn. You feel you know me now, that I am alive and ‘real’ to you, more real than before. You have become personally acquainted, and now our friendship begins.


The spirit realm is an exciting place, and once you’ve tasted, you can never get enough of it. There is this raw energy there, this latency, this power that feels like it’s being held back, like a horse at the starting gate, ready to bolt forward at the release of the gate. All you need to do is tap into it. Get on that horse if you like and experience the thrill and surge of the power of the Keys. You’ll feel the wind in your hair then, dear. Now you will be more sensitive to our presence and our touches, and you’ll be ‘looking’ for us, listening for us. Even now you are sucking and thirsting to know more from me. I feel your drawing from me. Your vacuum, I cannot ignore. That’s a little secret! You have to desire and be creating the connection between us. You have to be seeking (the kees). (End of prophecy)


(Jesus:)The gift of the keys is only for those who go further–who love Me, who live for Me, and who give their lives for Me. The gift of the keys is for My Endtime disciples. So seek within your own heart for the desire to be a disciple. The power of the keys will equal your commitment to discipleship, and not only your commitment, but your day-to-day living. As you dedicate yourself, and live your dedication daily, the power will come to you in the same measure. Then you must harness it and utilize it. These are the guidelines and the conditions of the keys of the Kingdom.  (Call on the Keys! [#3368])


“Her name is Ellya [pronounced ELL-yah]. She has been in existence from almost the beginning of time. She has stayed close to My heart and My side, and has always pled My cause. During the time of the great division in Heaven, when ­Lucifer chose to leave My side and the calling I had entrusted to him, Ellya pled and reasoned with her fellow angels and spirits of the heavens to remain true and faithful. During the great confusion and the evil times of Noah’s day, she also pled with the world to forsake their sins and to turn to Me. This she has done through the ages, at every turn, without ceasing.”


Return Of The Keys

“As you call on the keys of comfort and peace, you will feel My Spirit descend on you like a warm and comforting blanket. You will know that nothing can touch you, for you are surrounded and completely safe in My hands.”





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