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(Spirit helper speaking: ) Imagine in your mind’s eye a folded piece of white paper. You open it and write on the right side of it the numbers “2022” in wet ink. Then the paper is closed again and pressed. When you open it, you see that on the left side there are the marks of the wet ink you just wrote with, only backwards of course. The crease in the middle, where the paper is folded, marks the center of the symmetrical numbers. This is the date of today 2202 I  2022. (The 22nd of February, year 2022). The point where the left side, the backward numbers, end and the right side, where the forward numbers start, is the crease of the paper. The end of the wrong and the start of the right.

Jesus speaking: This year marks the end of an era and the fresh start of another, for never in world history has there been a time such as this one will be. “March forward” is all that I say to you. An army that advances not, but rather retreats, is a dead army, an already slain and lain in the dust troop, defeated by their own actions rather than by what the advancing hordes of Satan have done. Don’t kill yourself off by ceasing to round up the troops who are sitting to the sidelines, wondering whether to hide or run or do anything. Call them to join or be left to feel the boots of the advancing enemies.

Be wise My darlings, and by this I mean to get your instructions from the highest level, rather than from what your own senses tell you, or worse yet from what the enemy is broadcasting. Even the voice of so called “friends” can put out your fire,  throwing water on your passion for Christ –if their voice is filled with fear or with worldly wisdom. Like a friend grabbing the flame of your light because they are scared that the enemy might see it and come and rob you.

March on, doing what few things I have asked of you, and then repeat. Just like the body only has two legs, there might be just two main missions that I have given to you. If so, just stay faithful taking one step and then the other, and repeat. And then no matter what else is happening all around you, or who or what faces you, you just keep up the action of one step after the next, doing this and then that, as I command you. That is marching; that is moving forward.

What are the arms for? Arms, get it? They are to fight so that your feet can keep on marching. Use the weapons of the Spirit so that you can be enabled to keep doing the task you are called on to do. Advance, march, and keep at it, each one doing what few things I have both asked and enabled them to do. No, no one can do it, really, at this time in world history with this many enemies around, without some definite and very real help from My side. You have to both march and fight on with the weapons of Heaven.

And that is where prophecy becomes an essential part of the battle artillery. You have to know where I am leading you and how to fight through the challenges of each day, and it helps to expose the enemy so you don’t mistake a fellow warrior for some kind of disguised enemy and start shooting at them. Prophecy can reveal what is actually going on and who is behind certain skirmishes that are occurring right within the walls of your very living quarters.

Be wise—that is to say, look to Heaven to teach and instruct you, or you’ll end up in a fix, a real mess, if you simply were to use your own sense of direction.

Things are going to be getting tighter and more restricted, with less freedom to do this or that. But I will always give you a call and the ability to do something for Me. And what I say, that you must do, at all costs. Forward is the only direction you know—that is to say, obedience to Me. Sometimes it might look to you like you are marching in place and can’t do much, like you are trying but it’s hard and there is a lot of opposition. At least then you are  getting exercise, and of course you are still, at these times, using your weapon of prophecy and all the others that make hearing from Me even possible—such as faith and praise, loving Me, and giving Me your all, and the all-powerful undefeated Keys of the Kingdom that are pulling you through in these darkest of days.

You know why it’s called “dark”? Not just because it is bad and ugly, but because people can’t see. They can’t discern. They can’t even tell, many times, that there is a fight, a battle in the War of the Worlds going on. They go on business as usual, as much as the world will let them, and they don’t “discern the signs of the times.” They are then, by their own lack of observation, in the dark; blind and lacking the light of God to show them where they are heading.

Fear causes a lot of people to just shut up and shut their eyes. They don’t actually wish to see what is on the horizon for fear it will be just too much. And it would be if they don’t hold in their heart My promises to go through the fire and water with them and don’t believe that I have the means to bring them through no matter what besets them. If you lack the faith for what is ahead up the road, it’s easier to look off to the side or worse yet, get turned around backwards and look back so you can’t see it. It will be worse for you then, for you’ll be completely unprotected when the invading troops hit your backside.

The wisest thing is to hear from Me in advance on what is going to be soon upon you and not end there, but get from Me what My promises or instructions are to you so that you can make it through. My Words give you the faith and give you the way to behave so that you not only make forward progress and defend yourself but your loved ones as well. You preserve others while you are at it. That’s what My troops do. They don’t just try to take cover to save themselves, but take risks right in the line of fire to rescue and defend others who are around them.

“The fettered ways of earth, the worldly mindsets, the chains that keep you earthbound, magically fall off you as you claim the creative power of the keys.”



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