Endtime Warriors Manual


Just as you call on Me when you need an answer or solution to a problem, call on your spirit helpers the same way. I’ve gifted them for this task. I’ve given them the wisdom, knowledge, spiritual firepower that they need to help aid you in your life on Earth. They’re an extension of My Spirit. Use them! Use the completeness of My power by tapping into their resource of strength and power! (Prayer Drive 2007 #3647)

I have spoken to you repeatedly, My loves, of the need to work with your spirit helpers, and to avail yourselves of the help I provide for you. I know this is a practice that you are yet learning to hone and to put to use in your daily lives. Dear ones, you must now make it a priority to progress in this area. As these days of evil continue, you must make use of these helpers I put at your command to a greater degree. You must not only call on the power of the keys to rebuke your enemies, to fell the dark ones who fight you in the spirit world, but call on the keys in conjunction with calling on these strong, courageous ones who wait to assist you, to fight for you, to encourage and uplift you, to help you in every way. (Christmas Gifts part 2 #3429)

I choose to work through a system of spirit helpers, spirit beings, and departed saints to run the spirit world and to help Me to help you. I choose to use departed saints who are touched with the feeling of your infirmities to help you. Just as you see in the physical world before you a major system of organization to keep everything running and operating smoothly, so I have a major system of organization to keep everything running smoothly. It is realistic. It is something that even you can understand.

Man was created so that God would not be alone. Spirit beings and angels, spirit helpers and departed spirits are also His companions and helpers. They are His family in the spirit world, just as you are His family in the physical world before you enter the spirit world. He needs and uses His spirit helpers, just as He needs and uses you because He loves you.

He gives you their help because He delights to use them. He delights to teach and train them to help you, and to instruct you to receive their help. He is using it to fulfill His greater plan as a direct means of communication with you, His children, in the Endtime. You are beginning to realize more fully the power of spiritual communication, and it is because God has chosen to reveal it to you now in fuller detail. He’s preparing you for your future roles in the Endtime when you will work hand in hand with His spirit helpers.

They will work with you and teach you to do great things. They will guide you and help you to learn to fight the battles of the Endtime using the weapons of the Spirit and the ways of My Spirit.

They are part of My Heavenly army–part of the workings and ways of My Spirit. They are part of Me! When you use their strength and their help, you are using My strength and My help. I will use them to teach you and prepare you for your ministry in the days to come, and you will begin to learn to work side by side with those of the spirit world who are sent to help you. (Releasing Our Spirit Helpers! #3145) and (More on Help from the Spirit World! #3147)

I’ve given you insight on your helpers, as well as encouraged you to call on their help, so that you can not only draw from their particular reservoir of power and expertise, but also to help you connect more personally to the spiritual realm, help you use the keys and your spiritual weapons better, help you be wiser and better connected to the spiritual in every way. What better way to do this than through getting to know your fellow workers and departed saints of the spiritual realm?


Hearing from Heaven, using the Keys, prayer, and using a new spiritual weapon all have to be learned. These things have to be repeated over and over again, and if you use as many methods as possible to implant these spiritual abilities into your being then the faster you will learn them.


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