USED time release

Set to release November 2022

“The world is set on a time-release capsule; a set number of days and hours were given it. The timing schedule was set by Me and the release sequence was given to you from the mouth of My Endtime prophet, David. So if you are to know the truth, then follow his Words, for they are My Words given to My believers. Those that believe in Me, believe in David, for I prepared him from the beginning of time for this generation.”

Prophecy: “Even so am I with thee, & even so I shall speak in thy heart the secrets & reveal unto thee the things which are to come. For I will do nothing but I will show it unto My holy Prophets. As Daniel of old, I am with thee & shall reveal unto thee the number of years & even the number of days of the things which are to come.” “It is I that have made thee & called thee by thy name, even unto the Generation of generations–called thee by thy name before thou wast formed in the womb, & caused thy Mother to call thee by thy name David, that it should be fulfilled that which was spoken by My Prophets!”(David Prophecies [#020])

“The trap is timed to explode at year’s end. There will be no escape without the Keys of the Kingdom. Now is the time to step back and withdraw yourself from the snare. Read the “Crash” and follow the Words written therein; by year’s end it will be too late. You will no longer be permitted the little freedom that is now left; it will be snatched away, just as a snare snatches away the life of its victim.”

Prophecy: “Doth thou lick up each drop and dip thy tongue in the sweetness and cherish to thy belly that which cometh forth from My mouth of David? Then thou art wise and therefore thou shalt be fed and thou shalt be cherished and nourished in My bosom, for the bosom of David is as My bosom that I have given thee–this generation that I have loved!–If thou shalt believe all the words that I have given thee. (Psalm of David, A [#0152])

“The flesh of David hath left thee, but his Word is My spirit that calls you out of the system; a system that is about to snap shut as a snare around the neck of the prey. It will tighten and strangle until no movement is possible. The world is on the verge of the final days of tribulation. The players have moved into place and the final play begins.”

Prophecy: “Thou shalt be unto them as the oracles of God, & thy mouth shall be My mouth, & I will tell thee & thou shalt tell them, that they may obey Me. And they shall know that it is not thou that speak unto them, but I that speak unto them, for as I was with Moses, so shall I be even with thee. And even as with those that disobeyed Moses, even so shall it be with those that disobey thee, they shall come to despair & to failure.” (David Prophecies [#020])

“The 10 kings are moving into place for the final showdown. They are receiving their crowns even now. They were nothing but are now important players in the Endtime scenario. They do not see what the prophets of God see; they are blinded by the enemy’s lies and dainties. He has offered them the world, and they have taken it gleefully, not in the least aware of the greater picture. They are not blameless, but they are as dumb oxen. They have reached this far through years of disobedience and compromise. Their lives will be spared for a season, but the price they will pay for their idolatry and devil worship will be great. They will lose their kingdom and power, and they will be brought low.”

Prophecy: “There is lukewarmness, churchiness, complacency and familiarity. Those who have become disobedient need to learn that I am a jealous God and I will have no other gods before Me. Now is the time. The lessons begin. I am also a just God. Therefore I commission you to answer their questions and warn them of the things to come. I want them to know and to choose. Then I will blow upon the field and will separate the wheat from the chaff. Prepare, for there will first be a falling away, then will I build My new church, which will be a renewal of the Words of David in purity and dedication.” (Coming Persecution? [#3361])


“The spiritual winter has come. The world is about to go into the deep freeze, the darkest and coldest part of the night, just before dawn. The people of the world think they can buy back their miserable existence by conforming to the beast through a vaccination or a pill. Imagine, selling your soul into a man-created system, a government run by self-serving politicians, simply because you want a better life for yourself, the life of the living dead. There is nothing wrong with wanting a better life, but when that promise is attached to the system of man and his lies and half-truths then you are on a road greased and steep. Choose Jesus; He too has promised a better life, a much better life –in fact, a life of freedom and salvation and heaven hereafter. Why will ye die? Choose life now. The end is upon you. All things pertaining to man and his fake system with its usurper king are about to freeze over.”

Prophecy: “Fret not and be not alarmed or dismayed by these words of warning. This is not the first time this has happened to the children of David. There have been other times. Your history is marked with such purges and fires. It is more difficult now because there has been so much spoken about your future, the promises and the glory. The result is that people have grown familiar and expect the blessings without the obedience. In earlier times, your children walked more cautiously, they were less comfortable, and they knew of the dangers of losing My blessing. But because there is so much blaming others and blaming leadership and blaming you and the Word, now people don’t see My hand at work.

So you must sharpen their attention and focus with these explanations and words of warning. The standard will become clear.  Fear not for the repercussions of these Words, for this will be your salvation. These words of warning and the threat that the promised blessing could be lost or delayed will cause the disobedient to repent, for they will once again allow Me to occupy a greater place in their lives, and they will return to their First Love and be obedient, so as to eat the good of the land and grow.

Don’t underestimate the cleansing that will come before the reaping. All is in My time. These words do not negate the promises I have given, nor do they take away from the gifts I have given you–the keys to the Kingdom. I gave these in good faith, and I will honor My promises. My faithful brides will need these keys to make it through the tests and to become what I want them to become.” (Coming Persecution? [#3361])


“The fires of God’s cleansing is an eternity better than the freezing cold kiss of death.”

Prophecy: “Right now your main job is to change the world with the Words of David–and the most effective way to do this is to get the tools out, to activate the world. There are others He’s commissioned to run and maintain schools, hospitals, shelters, and so forth, but the foremost job He’s given you is to preach the Gospel, and not just the Gospel but the meat of the Word‚ the Words of David, the Endtime message, and not only to preach the Word, but to win‚ teach and train disciples.” (What Is Full-time Discipleship? Part 2 [#3469])


USED Revelation of the AC Putin


“Though you may be troubled on every side, you will not be distressed; perplexed, but not despairing; persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed. The keys of the Kingdom can work miracles for you that you never dreamed possible, if you’ll only call upon them.”




June 2022


Tree of Genesis 3:22



June 2022


40 Days and Nineveh Will Be Destroyed



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