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I love it when My brides believe Me without any proof at all. I’m thrilled and immensely proud when you can flaunt your belief and assurance in the face of carnal evidence, and boldly proclaim, “None of these things move me!”

“The prayers of My children can do mighty things, therefore they must not tire, they must not be weary in prayer. Again and again, My children must pray and pray, for the great power that lies within their prayers is needed to stem the tide of iniquity that would cover the Earth in these Last Days.”

The Priestess of Prayer

“I send you the Priestess of Prayer, a mighty spirit helper who leads an invincible army, to defeat Prycore’s forces. This army consists of all of the prayer angels of the children of David, and other spiritual prayer warriors. The Priestess of Prayer is fearless, strong, mighty, and powerful! She will guard your lines of prayer through her anointing of prayer power. She will help you to use prayer as one of your primary weapons, no matter how much Prycore or his forces fight it, so that you can be successful in battle against the Enemy and win. Call on the Priestess of Prayer and her forces when you pray, and they will help you to fulfill your destiny of becoming powerful prayer warriors. Through your prayers you will have access to the spiritual power of Heaven that will accomplish great things on Earth. She will anoint you with the anointing she carries‚ that of power in prayer, power to accomplish the impossible, power to defeat all the demons of Hell who oppose My name, power to cause every knee to bow before Me‚ the King of the Universe. All this you will accomplish through the power of prayer, but it must be targeted prayers that hit the Enemy head-on. The Priestess of Prayer will help you to accomplish this. Every miracle begins with prayer. Every victory begins with prayer. Every success begins with prayer. Everything worthwhile begins with prayer. Call on the assistance of the Priestess of Prayer, and she will help you to defeat the Enemy’s forces that try to keep you from focused, targeted, and proactive prayer. She comes with honor and power and majesty that is worthy of her role of anointing the children of David in the use of the weapon of prayer.

Channel:  I’m seeing a beautiful woman walking toward me. She appears to be walking out of a core or circle of light–Heaven’s light. Everything behind her is brilliant light‚ and even parts of her form seem to be part of this light. There are mist-like trails weaving their way around her, and she’s walking through them toward me. She’s strong in appearance–stately and mature. I sense dignity, authority and presence. She’s holding a standard of sorts. I’m not sure if that’s the right word, but it’s golden and has a hollow golden circle at the top with a set of golden wings at the bottom of the circle. A beautiful aura is all around it, and I sense great power transmitting from its center. (Jesus:) This standard is not what carries the power, but it is a visual reminder of the power of prayer which My priestess commands. It symbolizes the authority and majesty of the spirit of prayer. It’s a manifestation of Heaven’s light and power which she holds in her hands. Just as you hold the power of the Spirit of God in your hands through prayer, the standard My priestess bears also symbolizes your prayers, which she will help you to use with great spiritual force and strength against Prycore and the Enemy’s forces. 

(Prophecies For The Children Of David #14)


“You cannot stop the evil that is in the world, but as I prayed, “Father, keep them from the evil,” so you should pray for your children and your flocks and for your own self. For as the times wax worse and worse, and the evil and the darkness fall heavily upon the Earth, you must fall heavily upon Me and upon your knees in prayer.”

I love you and I care deeply for you! My eye is on you every moment of the day! I hear your every call and prayer, and I see your every tear. I am always here to strengthen and help you.


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