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“O Lord, Thou hast searched me, and known me. Thou knowest my downsitting and mine uprising, Thou understandest my thoughts afar off. Thou compassest my path and my lying down, and art acquainted with all my ways. For there is not a word in my tongue, but, lo, O Lord‚ Thou knowest it altogether. Thou hast beset me behind and before, and laid Thine hand upon me.” – Ps. 139:1-5

“At the heart of the sanctuary–at its very core–is that beautiful pool where your spirit can be fully immersed in Me–where you and I can truly become one.”


“You first have to know where your strength comes from. We are all empty vessels. We have nothing except what has been poured into us, either from the Kingdom of God or the world –two sources, there are no others. Don’t think that there are shades of grey or another path to the courts of heaven. There is God’s way or man’s way. Once the pathway of man dwindles to its inevitable end, the wayfarer, bewildered, will sit by the wayside, a defeated, spent and empty vessel. Satan sets a course to the edge of the world, a flat world, surrounded by ice and then nothingness. God’s Word, on the other hand, poured into the same empty vessel, brings continued life and warmth and meaning. Yet the vessel must be continually replenished by the river’s source. This one’s path never ends; it runs on and on into eternity. Psalm 72:5 He will endure as long as the sun, as long as the moon, through all generations…and because He endures so will the vessel that He fills.

Before entering into rest, there is a Key …there is always a Key. Mine hangs by the door of my heart on a simple nail, similar in appearance yet much smaller than the one that pierced His hand so long ago, the same hand that now fills my cup when I enter into rest. The Key is for the door. This is my part; to enter into rest I must labor. The door requires unlocking and then there is a set of stairs that must be traversed. The key on the nail is called Aquiah.”

Call on me, Aquiah, to help calm your mind as you enter your garden of rest and meditation. I will help you to put the world aside, your thoughts aside, and your burdens aside. And, if you call on me, I can bring to your mind thoughts of peace and quiet, concepts or precepts to meditate on that will connect you to your Lover in reflection and rest, and I can help you to truly benefit from each moment spent in the temple with Him.


At the foot of the stairs is a pool of unfathomable depth, warmth and luxuriance. This pool is fed by the River of God whose source is at the very tip of the City of Light. Jesus is there and this is what He said to me at my last visit. “You must not only tarry with Me, but you must stay with Me until you know that your spirit has reached out and touched Me and been immersed in Me. Sometimes it will take passing through and closing the many doors of your mind and thoughts before you reach that inner sanctuary of rest. But at the heart of that sanctuary –at its very core–is that beautiful pool where your spirit can be fully immersed in Me–where you and I can truly become one.”


“To be the type of vessel Jesus needs in these very last days on earth requires much preparation. His chosen vessel has to put on the mind of God, the Word; what has been spoken before, the written Word, and what is being spoken right now, the living Word. What you are seeking is full possession. If the vessel is full of self or the things of the world then a forsaking of worldly input, voices, ideas and concepts of man is required. You have to put off those things, you have to labor to come into rest, and again the Keys can be of great assistance in clearing your mind.

There is a special link, some have called it the DSL, and it is a link dedicated to His Word, His mind, His personal voice or His voice through one of His Keys. His mind must fill our own. We become one with His mind, having the same spirit, the same thoughts, and when this is achieved, time is no more. We are in the land of miracles, of anything is possible. We are only separated from HimHon the other side of the spiritual veil. Your colleague can be in another country, yet you are linked in spiritual communication and so hear the same thoughts, as if space does not exist either. It is the River that flows throughout all creation, through every rift and valley, through every tree and rock, through every single molecule and into the deepest parts of the physical and spiritual universe, into the very mind of God.”

Gift of Heavenly Thought Power!, The [#3377]

The mind of man is My Own marvelous creation, yet it is no match for the mind of God; it is meant to be linked with the mind of God. And this is why I ask you, My brides, as I have pled with My children throughout all time, to put on My mind, to shun the carnal mind and put on that which is Heavenly, that which is spiritual. Through this new gift that I am giving you, when your mind melds with Mine, I will enhance your spiritual and mental capacities. When you meet these requirements, your thoughts will be greatly empowered by Me, for your thoughts will be My thoughts. I have been preparing you. Your humility training, your training in prayer, in asking Me everything, in praising Me and learning to give Me the glory, in loving Me and drawing nigh to Me as My Bride, in hearing from Me in prophecy–all this is part of it.


“Once you have found this place of rest, you may not want to leave it. Like lying under a feather quilt on a cold morning, you may find it difficult to hop out to face the world. But you are on a mission for your Lover, so you must. Take His hand and He will lead you out with a promise to never leave or forsake you. He spoke to me this morning as He took My hand in his to lead me back up the stairs to the door I first entered when coming to this hallowed place.”

From Jesus with Love 1

Alone with Me in the intimate chambers you will find the strength needed to continue on in the battle. Only in gazing upon My face and receiving Me through My Words will you find the vigor and stamina you so desperately need. Without My love you are powerless, you are incapable, you are helpless. The job at hand is large, and the task which lies before you is great–overwhelming, in fact! My jobs require My power, My anointing, and My divine inspiration.


“The mission is at hand. The reason we came to earth is upon us, this yet-unfinished business for our King, so let’s be on and at it. I see through the present haze that surrounds us, the light of the Celestial City just over that yonder range. His promise to walk with us lingers in my ear. I found some messages, long ago put in safekeeping. They are from the annals of the prophet David. Let me recite them here.”


Jesus: I’ve sent forth the call to the children of David to come closer, nearer to My bosom. I’ve reached out to take each one into My arms and to nurture a relationship that is much more than what was before. Many have come, but some have held back, and some have refused altogether. I set the level of discipleship at complete surrender when I said, “If any man will come after Me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow Me.” This still holds true today. Nothing has changed. You enter the Last Days, the time when only those who know their God shall be strong and do exploits. There will be many who will be left behind, who will fall by the wayside–not because they didn’t have fruitful years or good intentions, but because their lives were corrupt with sin and the deceitfulness of riches, or because they failed to heed My warnings about the need to prepare spiritually by using the new weapons.

(Dad) If you want to know what you need to do to best prepare for the year ahead, this is one of the most important things you can do: Continue to hone your gifts of listening to the Lord, hearing from Him in prophecy and receiving His instruction. Learn to hear from Him in prophecy about everything! Make it a habit! Give it all you’ve got, as if everything depended upon it, because it does! I tried to teach you this concept in the beginning, from as far back as that famous message I named “For God’s Sake, Follow God!” You’ve been learning step by step all along, and now the Lord is fine-tuning you in this area and showing you that you simply won’t be able to live without it. Hearing from the Lord in prophecy about everything will not only be the means of your survival, but it will also be the means of your shining glory! This is why it’s so important for you all to hone your gifts of prophecy! Hearing from the Lord in prophecy before you make a move is the means by which He will be able to direct you and use you to perform greater works in these Last Days. Because the Lord can trust you to obey, to check in with Him on everything, then He knows you’ll always be ready, waiting, and willing to be used to perform the great exploits needed to defy the works of evil in these Last Days. He knows He’ll be able to trust you to get the job done, to stand up for the truth, and lead the world to victory in His Name. This is the victory that will overcome the world, your faith and your obedience to not make a move without getting His direction and hearing from Him in prophecy.

(Jesus)The greatest benefit in the Endtime for those who have given Me their all today and have been aggressive and faithful in their practice and application of the new weapons will be their close connection with Me. Many will have close connections with Me, but those who have invested wisely will be the closest to Me. That’s not to say that by being closer to Me they are more loved by Me. It’s just that I’ll be able to speak to them more clearly and directly and will be able to use them more mightily. Thus it is these ones–the ones who have invested today by applying the new weapons and following My instructions about the days to come–who will be the greatest leaders.

My veteran users of prophecy will have been strengthened in faith through your many months and years of using the gift of prophecy. Through your practice and even through your mistakes, you will have learned much about this intricate and wonderful gift.

(Dad) The Lord instructed you to discern the signs of the times. He’s told you repeatedly in His Word to watch and pray, and there could hardly be a more vital time than now for you to heed this instruction. The Lord has told you to be prepared. He’s warned you to not be caught unaware, to discern the signs of the times, and to watch and pray. How do you not get caught unaware? How do you not get caught with your pants down? How do you discern the signs of the times? How are you not going to be deceived by the tricks of the Enemy and his treacherous devices? By watching and praying. And how do you watch and pray? What’s the best way you can watch and pray? The best way you can watch and pray is to continually be looking to the Lord, and not only look to Him, but listen to Him and receive your instructions from Him for your every move.

If you don’t get down to business with the Lord and hear from Him in prophecy, if you proceed without His leading, it’s apt to cost you a whole lot more than a little fall on your face! As you enter this wilderness, it’s no longer just a good idea to hear from the Lord before you make a move; you simply cannot afford not to hear from God before you make a move! You’ve now got to broaden your horizons when you hear “watch and pray,” because when the Lord instructs you to watch and pray, He means you’ve got to watch, to look to Him, and to pray. But He doesn’t expect you to pray a one-way prayer. He means you are to not only speak your peace, but He also wants you to listen to Him in prayer, to hear His voice and receive His encouragement, counsel, instruction and guidance in prophecy.

This is watching and praying! When the Lord says “watch and pray” to you, His avant-garde Endtime army, He means you are to watch, pray, listen and receive! Moses had to watch, to pray, and to hear from the Lord in prophecy for every move he made. That’s the only way he could lead the children of Israel out of Egypt–by doing a lot of watching and a lot of praying and hearing from the Lord! And as he heard from God and got his direction from God, that’s when the Lord caused his face to shine.

Gideon had to hear from the Lord to get his battle plans. It was then and only then that he received his directions on how to successfully fight the war.

It was as Daniel bowed his head in earnest prayer that the Lord was able to reveal to him the king’s dream so that he won his favor. It was as Daniel continued to watch and to pray and to listen to the Lord that he received the power and peace and strength of Heaven not just to enter the lions’ den, but to come out of the lions’ den unharmed. Daniel didn’t have to have so much strength to enter that lions’ den; he was going to go in there whether he liked it or not! But he had to have strength and power to get out of that lions’ den unharmed.

The Lord clearly spoke to Daniel with personal words of comfort and encouragement while he was in that den.

So this is the Lord’s message to you for this coming year: Watch and pray, listen and receive! This is the only way the Lord will be able to walk you through the days ahead! You have to watch–to look to the Lord and to your helpers. You’ve got to be on the lookout–keep your eyes open and your ears tuned in for every opportunity to get their leading, guidance and help.

You’ve got to remember, there’s a lot of static around you. You are behind enemy lines, surrounded by all sorts of things that the Enemy and his ilk would like to put in your way to cause interference in your Heavenly communications. This is why you’ve got to do your part and stay tuned in. You can’t expect the Lord and all your helpers to always get through to you if you’re not going to watch for their signals, if you’re not going to be in tune and on the lookout for every possible opportunity to get their counsel and direction by hearing from them in prophecy. The Lord does His part and your helpers do their part, but you’ve got to do your part. You’ve got to watch, to be on the lookout, if you’re going to pick up all of our signals without missing a beat.

This is how He’ll be able to work mighty miracles at your request–as you watch, as you look to Him, and as you pray down His strength and power and help, as you call on Him for His help to fight for you and to help you win the battles, and as you listen to His instructions and receive His messages in prophecy.

You’ve got to remember, the Enemy is fighting for keeps! He’s fighting tooth and nail. He’s making his last-ditch stand and pulling out all the stops in an all-out attempt to foil the plan of God. The Devil’s always fighting somewhere. He never sleeps. He’s always out to get you. He’s playing hardball, and this is why you must be on your toes at all times. Watch and pray, listen and receive–that’s the name of the game. Watch and pray so you can discern the signs of the times, and listen and receive the Lord’s messages so that you can steer clear of the Enemy’s devices.

“Great and mighty things happen when the mysteries of the spirit realm are revealed to you, and this will most often happen through the spiritual medium and weapon of prayer. Prayer is a place where our spirits meet. In the inner sanctuary of prayer, God and man clasp hands‚ and miracles result. Miracles are a mystery to man, but they are the very nature of God. So depend on miracles as you turn the key of all mysteries and enter into your times of intercession with Me. You will see and hear great things. You will have the faith to make great and bold requests and to receive unexpected, supernatural‚ out-of-the-box miracles and answers.”

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