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 And when He has full sway, He doesn’t always bring you to some great height, He just brings you to where He wants to bring you. Then He sees if you will be obedient and faithful there. That’s why He says, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant: enter thou into the joy of thy Lord!” And, oh, the joy that you enter into Here!–The joy of knowing His Love in fullness and completeness! The joy you have in seeing that all that faithfulness, all those yieldings pay off in His reward and in the glory that He gives!

And, oh, there is great glory for some Here who seemed to do nothing there!

They were unknown and unsung, but they were judged righteous and faithful because they did His bidding. So be faithful. Be diligent. Be yielded. But above all, be loving, and great will be your reward when you get Here. Great will be your reward. I’ll say it again, great will be your reward! (End of prophecy.)  


Romans 8:24-25 For we were saved in this hope, but hope that is seen is not hope; for why does one still hope for what he sees? But if we hope for that we see not, then do we with patience wait for it.


Be with us while we wait…

The key is faith–faith in My Love, faith in My promises, faith to obey in spite of the odds, in spite of overwhelming obstacles and seemingly impossible situations.

For this is the proof of My Bride’s love–her faith in Me, her faith in My Words, and her faith in My power to fulfill them. Her great love for Me is manifest in her faith–the golden key of faith.

So guard this precious treasure I have given you, this golden key of faith. It is something that must be kept through constant care and nurturing and feeding from My Words, which are spirit and life. By doing these things, by believing and receiving and imbibing and drinking in and partaking of My Words, you keep the golden key of faith bright and shiny and polished, and you will be well able to use it to open many mighty doors of My blessings for all that you need in every area of your life. For you are My precious Bride and loving wife, and I love you.

You must look away from the Enemy’s doubts, fears, worries, lies and accusations, and look to Me and My Word! You must continue to walk by faith and draw your faith from the power of My Word. For My Word has kept you all these years. My Word has faithfully kept you from the day of your rebirth until now, and it will continue to keep you until we are together in Heaven. (PFTCOD 5)


JESUS is what we’re all about! JESUS is what we’re here for! JESUS is why we sacrificed our lives & gave away everything & gave up everything & forsook-all & came to all these crazy countries with their crazy languages & their crazy traditions, etc. And they ARE crazy, let’s face it! But we certainly wouldn’t have done all that we’ve done merely for ourselves. I can’t see what PERSONAL advantage there is for our people in being in such countries! It’s a sacrifice! Why were you willing to give up everything? Some have given up mates, children, everything! What are you there for? You’re on a MISSION, you’re there for a PURPOSE, you’re trying to help OTHERS!

Mystical Bible

The Antenna

  The Antenna

Yes, the old Antenna still stands, and yes, there are those few believers who are holding it to the cliff, lest it fall and be lost in the dark abyss below. This podcast starts with a dream that someone had very recently which has some remarkable similarities to the MO letter “The Antenna”. The Antenna (September 11)

  Rehab Before Heaven?

We are taught in the MO letter “The Helmet” that salvation cannot be lost. Yet there are those, even of our own brethren, that have turned their hearts away from Jesus and belief in God. They are eternally saved. So will they get to enter the Heavenly City at the Rapture? Or is there another place set aside where they will be given an opportunity to find repentance?  Rehab Before Heaven (September 10)


Here we have a reading of the MO letter “Snowman” #195, with a few surprises and perhaps a new revelation or two about who, at least initially, may not make it into the Heavenly City. David is still with us of course, directing his own writings, dreams and visions. So listen up because many of his dreams are only now reaching their final fulfillment. Snowman (September 09)


“I take you through those impossible situations, those times when it looks completely hopeless, and when I require that you hang on for that extra hour, that extra day, that extra period of time, in order to pull down the miracles. That is part of your testimony.”        


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