Today I was talking with the kids about their walk with Jesus, and during the talk, I saw a brief vision of the first half of my life in The Family, the pre-Reboot days. Those were very busy years with lots of literature out and many souls won. We were running around all over the world. We were those “roving missionaries” Jesus talked about in a long-buried prophecy from yesteryear. I just now did a quick search and here it is.

“I’m asking you to become teachers, pastors, and shepherds–no longer the roving pioneers, but now stable pioneers, building a work, building a following, building a church of believers who will work with you and be part of you, new members of My Endtime army and Family. This will require dedication and stick-to-itiveness. It will require laying down your lives in new ways.” 

Well I’m still here, sticking-to-it. As for the rest of the prophecy, I can see it has materialized, although in a much much smaller way than my pre-Reboot self would have imagined. The vision I received was of stepping stones, and I was looking back at them from up on higher ground. Jesus told me that they were now all underwater. I don’t want to belittle all that we accomplished during those pre-Reboot days, but I do wonder how important all those accomplishments are to Jesus. I kept getting the feeling that the accomplishments don’t really matter to Him. The important thing is what we learned during those days of running around. We could have all been sitting around like the church does, then the question would be “What did we learn in all that sitting around?” How much did our spirits grow during that time? So I was looking down at those stepping stones, all underwater, and the thought came to me that they were merely stepping stones that brought me to wherever I am now. I felt that Jesus was telling me that it isn’t the accomplishments that He looks at, but whether they helped deepen my love for Him. Where are all those missionaries now? Where are all the lost that were reached now? That generation has passed and there is a new generation in the world. Who’s going to reach them? We can pray for them, as He has told us to, but what should we be concerning ourselves with? Our love relationship. For without Him, we can do nothing, and our accomplishments are but hay and stubble. Have you ever climbed a mountain and looked back down the path you were climbing and wished you wouldn’t have to go that way again? Perhaps those underwater stepping stones are significant in that I won’t have to go that way again because they served their purpose of getting me higher up the mountain and closer to Jesus.

Prophecy: You can be thankful that your accomplishments were motivated out of love for Me. But what if your accomplishments were motivated by pride, and you are simply telling yourself that it was all done for Me?

Accomplishments are not a true yardstick. At the end of your days, I won’t be looking at your accomplishments but at the motivation behind them. I judge the heart and not by outward appearance.

Post reboot, I have asked you to go out into all the world once more, but this time as a prayer missionary. You have found it hard to reconcile your past busy life as a roving missionary with this new one. I have asked you to go out into the highways with the new weapon of 6.66 and call the good and bad to the Marriage Feast. –Those that were called first said they were too busy with this and that. So out you go each day in prayer. But in your mind you say, “How can I know if my prayers are accomplishing anything?” You should put all those thoughts away and think on the fact that you are doing what you are doing because I asked you to. That’s what I count as righteousness. That is what I count as accomplishing something. Doing good for others is a wonderful thing, but doing it out of love for Me is what really scores the goal. Those that have never heard of Me, yet do things for others out of unselfish love also score the goal. It will be counted to them as righteousness. It is these ones that you are reaching with your prayers right now. Prayer is a humble, out-of-the-way ministry. Your prayers are accomplishing what I want them to, but as I said, what is most important is that you are doing it because you love Me and want to show Me that love through being obedient to My will. Now, there isn’t anything to be proud about. All that is accomplished is for My glory. All you do is sit there asking Me to do it all. Aren’t you happy those stepping stones are all underwater now?

Perhaps a lot of people went back after the Reboot because they weren’t serving Jesus for the right reasons? I’m reminded once again of those leaders that threatened to leave if Maria and Peter published the “Loving Jesus Revelation”. What was their reasoning? It would destroy the Family. Boy, they really must have thought they were somebodies –big-shot leaders whose heads got a bit too big. It wasn’t the Word that burnt down the forest; it was unbelief and old bottlism.

Perhaps I wasn’t serving Jesus for the right reasons. Well, I do believe Jesus is slowly sorting me out, or I should say throwing the “me” out.

I have a great letter that goes along with this vision. It is all about healing the old me. See “But If Not” below.

broken cords

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But If Not…MO letter

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Frequency of the Blue Key

Mystery Behind 6.66.PDF

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Keeper of the Power…Blue Angels.PDF

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What God does depends on your will and your action and what you want and how you pray! You’re not supposed to just stand there and let God and the Devil fight it out!”

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