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So Fly …as with the Wings of an Eagle

Prophecy, Jesus Speaking:

“It’s all tied up and ‘in the bag.’ But you, of course, have escaped. The live ones have flown the coop and are sitting in the trees a safe distance away, watching. You don’t have to wait for some big sign in the sky or some Biblical event to know that the sun has gone down and the world has already passed through the long hours of night and is now in the darkest part, that hour just before dawn.

You just try to go back to the system now and see what it will cost you and how much will be required of you. First up is a vaccination. But isn’t that typical? Just to enter this world as a baby, you need to be vaccinated, then to go to school you need your vaccinations, and now it is not just the army that requires adults to pass through a vaccination program, but to be permitted access to government facilities, you must be vaccinated, marked, chipped. Call it what you will.

The system is simply fine-tuning its snares and traps in order to catch everyone that has not yet joined their One World Order. It is an order, a command, and you are no longer given an option. You must do so in order to be a part of this world. So the fine-tuning will go on and on until such a time as these rule makers have extinguished everyone from off the face of this earth…And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake, those days shall be shortened.

It is a vain thing, an empty pursuit to spend your time looking at the economic charts and meters or listening to the babblings of the men of this world as they try to figure out how this event or that situation is going to affect the future. I tell you plainly, beloved, that all that you see and hear on the news or on this or that site, is merely the free fall into perdition and chaos. Oh, of course there is a safety net, but at height even a safety net can hurt when you hit it; it’s like hitting water from a great height, if you don’t land correctly…whack, the ensuing belly flop really, really hurts. Well, prepare yourselves, My loves, for the world is about to hit the wall.

Fly, My love doves, fly, take up the wings of an eagle and fly with Me into the wilderness and let us fellowship behind the veil of My promises. My Kingdom surrounds this world of man, just as My armies surrounded Dothan in the day that I came to save My prophet. If you cannot see, then ask for the Keys, and I will open your eyes to what the blind cannot see. My brides, you are already in the Kingdom of God; it has always surrounded this world. My Kingdom is in you and you are in My Kingdom. The false veil of Satan’s counterfeit kingdom is about to be ripped from top to bottom and his perfidious empty sham is to be exposed; then the tribes of the earth will mourn as they see what they have been slaving for and worshiping. Yet I can only save those that come to Me. Those who believe and take My hand will be those who will escape the belly flop. Faith has its rewards, because it is not always by faith; the evidence is there and eventually it has to become a reality.”


“The world is about to hit an air pocket, similar to what an airplane experiences when flying or rather dropping through space. The air pocket will be massive, not just people’s stomachs will be affected, but also the things around them.” (Excerpt of prophecy rec’d 29-08-2022)

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VIDEO “A Guide Through Tribulation”

“The power of the keys will place a bubble of protection around your heart, keeping it separated from the world. Use them and you will always be a part of My ecclesia.”


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