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“Hell’s Angels, or Hell’s Angels of Evil, are major demons. These dark angels have a personal vendetta against Me and Mine. They are extremely vindictive in their fight against Me, are highly trained by Satan, and are willing to fight to the bitter end. And they will, as will you, My children. But they will be defeated and you will be victorious. These are renegades who are deeply motivated through pride to fight Me and My will. They are veterans of Hell, seasoned warriors of evil, because they are the oldest members of Satan’s leagues of demons.” (Spirit Helpers and Opposers)

 Jesus speaking in prophecy:  “Satan resisted My Father’s plan for creation right from the start. I remember the day as clearly as if it was yesterday.  Lucifer, as he was called then, didn’t immediately express his disapproval. He thought he could hide his objection, but My Father felt a disturbance in the spiritual equilibrium as Satan struggled within himself, and as much as he tried to, he just couldn’t hide his objection to this Divine proposal. 

It was a beautiful design; I loved it just as soon as it was projected into our consciousness. On the other hand, Lucifer, the son of the morning, he who stood at the right hand of God, he who was full of light and music, had struck a discordant key and its dissonant vibration swept through the universe. He was being asked to yield to a concept that he was not familiar with. It was a test of fealty; this was deep magic, which he had no understanding of. It was at this point that he began to create his own music. It was harsh and inharmonious. The rebellion was underway, and it had begun in the least expected of places, right in the heart of the Kingdom.

Lucifer understood the power of light, but he could not comprehend the power of surrender, true surrender: submission born out of love for the Father and His will. His light wasn’t as pure as many had thought; his beauty was skin deep, cosmetic. He had allowed a dark seed to take root.

My Father’s suggestion was that a kernel  could only grow when planted in the soil of submission.  This was one of the main purposes I came to earth –salvation being the foremost, with submission being the catalyst. I had to learn obedience to My Father’s will, and the only way I could do this was along the path of submission, submission of My will, given freely out of love, even if it required starting all over again with just a handful of men and through example yielding up My life to seed a new Kingdom. This was My Father’s plan, and it had to be initiated by Me and carried through to the end of My life on earth. “Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground & die, it abideth alone. yet if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit!” (John12:24)

My Father was convinced that His plan would work; in spite of the resistance it would face and how painful it would be and how long it would take to nurture those seedlings that would spring forth from My sample. He was committed to leading the way into this bright new future for His Kingdom to come, but it had to start with Me yielding up My will in preference of fulfilling His will. 

Even now, looking at how further we all have yet to go, be encouraged, we are nonetheless gaining momentum and the Kingdom is growing stronger. Not in the power of man’s strength, nor by the law that suffocates, but in loving, yielded sacrifice to the Father’s will. Every generation brings forth selfless seeds –some more, some less, but it is these seeds which are chosen and then planted, that are nurtured to germination and then cultivated into mature wheat so that there be more seed for a bigger planting.


So as the Good Husbandman, our Father sows and reaps and gathers into His Kingdom. Those good seeds are you and all those that follow Me and My sample out of a selfless, willing heart. Every day that you lay down your life to do My Father’s will, your seed grows more viable and vibrant. At the right time you will be planted once again out into the fields of God’s great Kingdom to bear more fruit. Yes, you may die in the process; but always remember, I went before you, and those that followed Me also died that you might live. So carry on, My sweets, My loves. My glowing seeds of love for you will be planted many times over and with each planting you will die for love and our great and wonderful plan that all started with My Father.”


“When you feel ignorant and lacking even basic knowledge, call on the keys of revelation. I will give you supernatural wisdom beyond your years, expertise, and
natural abilities.”



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