“Peace and safety; for where is the sign of His coming?”


It should be evident to My sincere children that the signs of the times you now see being fulfilled in this generation, point to the the door marked “the last days”. To ask yourselves the question, are we living in the time of the end, can only mean you are living in denial. My loves, you are at the door, you are at the entering in of the final years. Fear not,  for in My love I have sent My prophets of warning and I will continue to send them right up to the end of days. For I also will make My stand, I also will have My mouthpiece, My end time called out ecclesia. For you who will experience living in the last days, I will be there with you.   Jesus speaking

“These dreams, visions, and prophecies you will receive are not to be taken lightly, as if they were a figment of your imagination.When you feel you are receiving instruction from Me from a means other than the printed word which I have given‚ you should pray desperately and ask Me for confirmations‚ as well as seek the counsel of others and further signs from the other ways to know My will. Be sensitive to My Spirit, knowing that your instructions may come in the most unexpected ways.” Jesus speaking

  Seven ways to know God’s will 

“In My life on Earth My faith was tested, and I had to prove it by putting it into action, exercising it, acting on it. You have faith that I speak to you. Now prove it. Test it by acting on it, even if it seems impossible. For now you have the power. I’ve given it to you to be able to do your job. So go for it! Do it! Expect miracles!” Jesus speaking


 The only thing that limits My pouring out is your ability to receive.”

Choose this day whom you will serve

“There have been false prophets that have been saying, “Peace and safety; for where is the sign of His coming?” I say now that you will both see and believe that it is the Time of the End, you are living in the last days, and that My coming is imminent. There will be no more room for doubt for My children, because the signs will be painted clearly and the sides will be clearly defined. Each one will have to choose which side they will be on for this last great battle. The main battle will be for the souls of those who are in the middle, those who have not yet decided those who are lost and trapped in the bondage of the World.” Jesus speaking

“You will do great signs and ­wonders—but for what purpose? Only to destroy the forces of Satan? No, for if that were the only reason, then I would remove you, My beloved brides, from this Earth at once and rain down fire upon the Evil One and his forces and end his reign once and for all. I’m allowing this Endtime showdown so that each one will have a chance to decide whom they will follow‚ and thus divide the wheat from the tares. It is for this reason, to be a witness, that I will empower you with all the power of Heaven.” Jesus speaking


we are living in the last days


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