your will is set by your mind

“The outcome of all battles is determined first in your mind, for this is where your will is set. This is where you choose God and His ways, where you choose to accept God’s Words and put on His mind. The Bible says that he that believes on Jesus will have eternal life. Belief, faith, trust, confidence, and acceptance all begin in the mind. If you are of a ready and willing mind, all that God has is yours for the asking.” (Full Possession)

satan recruits the lost

“It is through the mind that Satan gains entrance to recruit the lost of the world to his side; it is through the mind that he controls and manipulates his own; and it is through the mind that he wages fierce attacks on you, My children. In addition, it is through the mind that he seeks to hinder you by preventing you from allowing Me full possession in the first place by trying to share the occupancy of your thoughts.” (Full Possession)


the war for possession

“The mind is the great battlefield where ruthless war is waged–the war for possession! The sins that bring you down all filter through the mind: pride, the root sin of all; jealousy; lust; selfishness; lethargy; bitterness; disunity; comparing; discontent and murmuring; negative thinking; worldliness; disobedience; doubt; putting other gods before Jesus; self-righteousness, etc. It all begins in the mind, takes root in the mind, and festers in the mind–all through carnal thinking, through putting on the mind of man and the mind of the world.” 

Mind of God vs Mind of Man

“The port of entry to possession is through the mind, My children. This is true for both Me and for the Enemy. Satan controls his own through the mind, and so do I. This is why the Apostle said, “Put on the mind of Christ.” This is why you are instructed to think good thoughts, to be transformed by the renewing of your mind, to keep your mind stayed on Me, for therein lies perfect peace.” (Prophecy)



give jesus full control

I have said many things to you regarding the mind–about your thoughts, about your own will, about the carnal mind, and about the need to put on My mind. This is because if I am to have full control of you, you must give Me your mind. (Prophecy…Jesus speaking)

putting off a doubtful mind

“How do you do this, you ask? To put on My mind, you must put off the mind of man, the mind of the world, the thoughts of Satan, the propaganda of Satan, the knowledge of the world, the wisdom of the world, the mind of vanity, the mind of flesh. You must put off a reprobate mind, a doubtful mind. Put off the carnal.” ( Mind of God vs Mind of Man )