On prayer   War Room

When you go to pray for something, if it helps motivate you‚ take a minute to consider what the opposite of the answer would be.Do you want this person to remain sick? Do you want this trip to go badly? Do you want to be low on money? Do you want this spiritual problem to persist? If you consider what could be the result of Jesus not intervening, it may help you to realize how very much you do need Him to get involved, and you will pray accordingly.

2 – War Room Tips

So what if the Devil looks like the victor today? Many a victory is handed to the men who appeared as the losers and the damned, yet they fought on and fought on and fought on, until the enemy had no choice but to give in to their persistence. The Devil will be the damned tomorrow if you persist today 


Please remember that it’s not a work of the flesh. If you give your all in prayer, knowing you need Jesus’ help and asking for it in faith, then that is enough. You don’t need to feel that there is some new level of spiritual desperation you must attain to each and every time you pray. If you deliver your soul in prayer, then you’ve done what you could, and that is enough. The rest is up to Him.

4 – War Room Tips

Everyone knows what it’s like to really want something and then to be quite persuasive in asking for it. The potential for that kind of supplication lies inside everyone, and that is effort that God expect from you when you are coming before His throne in prayer.


It’s more about your heart than about your words.If your heart is right and the desire is there‚ then the words will express accurately and powerfully enough the feelings of your heart. It’s when you don’t care enough that you rattle off a quick prayer that may say all the right words, but really has no power behind it.

6 – War Room Tips

It’s not a complicated process to be desperate in prayer—it’s simple, but it takes work.What it mainly comes down to is you deciding in your heart that you really, really, really want the answer, that you for sure need Jesus to do a miracle‚ and then asking Him accordingly.