Psalm 1:2

But his delight is in the law of the LORD; and in his law doth he meditate day and night.

Jesus speaking: My Word has to become your lover. When you love someone, you’re always thinking about them, always trying to be with them, always anticipating your next meeting. And if it’s very strong love, you’re usually found to be working in some way to get closer to them and to see them. You go out of your way at times, when you can, to precipitate a meeting. This is how you need to act towards My Word, always looking for times when you can slip it in, when you can get more of it. You already have that sacred time where you drop everything else and try to feed deeply of My Word, but because you are so in love with It, you just can’t get enough! You are an insatiable Lover, a hart, panting for the sweet waters of love. You drink and drink, yet never get enough. Not because the Waters are salty, but because they are SWEET! They drop as the honeycomb and like wine, They intoxicate you! You cannot stop drinking Them, for they taste too good. Day and night you search Them out. You are a wise virgin, for you are always on the lookout for oil to top up your lamp. This is how you must be with My Word. It must be in the forefront of your mind; it must be the light of your eyes—the thing that directs your every step.

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  1. Sorry I never comment but I’m a avid follower of the Holy Spirits through you,
    Thanks Eternal

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