Jesus Speaking:

As you bless Me, as you praise Me, as you pray down My blessings, I send you benefits, things that are beneficial for you, things that help you to do a good job and thus be rewarded for your good efforts. You might not do everything perfectly, and you might sin and make big errors, but I’ll just help you to do some good. You can be a benefit to others and to My work as you continue to bless and praise Your Lord God, exalting Him and letting His goodness be known.

Why don’t you make a list, or tell Me in prayer, all the benefits that you would like to have for your serving Me fulltime and not giving place, any place in any way, to the Destroyer. Would you like a long life? Or would you like a short but very happy life? Would you like to see your dreams come true, if they are good for My work and will benefit others and yourself as well? Or perhaps you’d love to have a very pretty and Godly wife who cherishes you, wants to go and do whatever you want, and doesn’t push her own way? Maybe you’d like children who are kind and respectful, whom you love to be with and aren’t changed for the worse by the evil that is in the world.

Tell Me what benefit, in this lifetime, you might most like to enjoy, and I’ll see how to best accommodate it. I love to give special benefits to those who love and honour Me  and want to bless My Kingdom with their words of praise and acclaim and their works of good for the benefit of My Kingdom.

Open your eyes to the things I want to show you each day, for this is how you will find the pathway to the right life I have for you. You can pray and wish for great things, and I can approve these plans. But if you won’t talk with Me each day and learn to hear from Me about how to go about reaching the best goals, as well as how to be eligible for My special benefits, then you might miss all the best things in life. We must work together and be a close-knit team; that is how our relationship can then bring about the best benefits—for you and for Me.

“Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits:”


Revelation 22

I can give you grace to love those whom you find hardest to love. Call on the keys of supernatural grace and love, and these gifts will be given you.


And as this verse instructs, please don’t forget all the benefits I have given to you and to others. I never tire of hearing a word of thanks—even if it was for something I did hundreds or thousands of years ago, or if it was just in the last minute. It’s all the same to Me; it’s all now and before Me. I can see it all, and I do remember what I did for you. I’d love to know that you also bring these things into remembrance. This shows Me that you have faith that I will continue to care for you in the best ways, always.

There are some things that are good to forget—like the multitude of faults and failings of others in your life. I said in My Word that I also forget yours and put them behind Me. And “forgetting those things that are behind” is a good thing for you to do. Put the failings and hurts of the past behind and walk forward, like it says, “Press towards the mark of the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.” Those are a lot of words to say, “Look toward the goal and the glorious prize, the reward that I said is with Me when I come.” If you are called, which all believers are, then follow and leave the should-be-forgotten things in the past and do your job well for Me. And what are you to remember? All the benefits—those yet to come, and those I have already dispensed and poured out. This will give you strength and motivation to keep on going, and then to actually get the prize and rewards being offered. I love you!