Psalm 23:1

The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want.

(Jesus says: )

Without Me to help and keep you, dear ones, you will be like a lost lamb wandering through the fields and forests, there are prowling beasts, but you are safe when you are close to Me.

How do you stay close by? You ask Me questions and you chat with Me. Even if you can’t hear a big voice answering in clear booming words, at least you made your voice heard to Me. Then you can walk by faith, though not always by sound and sight.

So many people want to have clear indication that they are heard and seen, but it’s not that way with Me. There are so many things you have to take by faith. –Like a flight instructor that is giving commands over the radio to someone needing help in the air. The pilot can’t see the one who is monitoring him and is very concerned about his making it in to safety.

Trust that I am trying to guide you the best way that I can, even if you don’t see Me there with you every moment of every day. Hear from Me in prophecy, or just speak your concerns to Me if that is all you can do, and know that I  see everything. I know it all and will get you to a safe landing.

Of course, I am far, far better than a flight controller in a tower, because I’m actually holding your plane. I am the one making it fly and keeping it in the air. I just make sure you learn to communicate with Me.  I do the needed things in special ways so that you can see that I do respond to your words of prayer and to your heart’s needs.

And when you are too tired to fly any longer, and you feel you are just going to collapse, I take over and keep the plane going. Trust that when you have done all you can do—you have listened to Me and obeyed and are not just flying off in your own way and speed and height—that I will do the driving and piloting while you rest.

So, just like a shepherd leads and guides the sheep, and planes need guides to bring them in safely, I will bring you through your life as you let Me speak to you and nourish yourself with My Word.

I love you. And I’ll see you in the skies on that day as you fly up, no longer dependent on the plane – your old body. We’ll meet in the clouds, in the stars and in many more far-out zones.


Psalm 23 Bible Study

“Trust that I am trying to guide you the best way that I can, even if you don’t see Me there with you every moment of every day.”



Psalm 91

As the dark days of tribulation draw nearer so does our Good Shepherd draw nearer; and with staff in hand He will see us safe from all that these days we are soon to enter.



 “No Name Brand” 

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