The loneliness is only for a time, a short time. It is to make you stronger. It’s your preparatory course for the Millennium and for things soon to come –not that you will be lonely in the Millennium or that you will have to forsake relationships in that era as well. It’s just that there is a certain quality that the battles of loneliness bring. There is a strength and steadfastness that you gain once you’ve gone through it and come out. You come out steadier in spirit, more attached to Jesus and those of the spirit that surround you. You learn to not rely on things or people or circumstances so much, which all can change and come and go; but instead you place yourself—your feelings, emotions, love, life, and happiness—on Jesus and on the things that last. You are no longer blown about by every wave of feelings that come by, because you have learnt to get your footing on the Rock, on Jesus, the true source of joy. Therefore all these other things, these crutches, no longer have such a pull on your heart. It’s not that they no longer matter to you, it’s just that they are no longer a “must have” for you to be happy. Loneliness helps to get your priorities straight. It shows you, if you handle it correctly, that all you really need to be happy is Jesus, and that even if you were required to forsake and sacrifice things like relationships, you’d still be able to be happy and fulfilled, because you know you have Jesus and that He is the one true thing that is really satisfying you.

You will come to understand what I am saying. For you have been given a lot in this life that will require you to forgo certain things that you may have wanted. We all have to sacrifice and forsake; we all have our crosses to carry—yours just happens to be loneliness right now. But if you will continue to fight, and if you will come at this battle in the right spirit—the spirit of learning and growth, not the spirit of hardening and steeling yourself to the pain—you will come out of it a softer Bride, one that is so much more in love with her Husband, so much closer to Him; a Bride that has found out through the bitter road of loneliness that her Husband is more than enough for her. (End of prophecy)

“Call on the keys of focus when you are distracted and missing your loved one, and I will help you to concentrate on the job I have given you and make your time of being apart pass more quickly than it normally would.”


2 thoughts on “Or Perhaps You Battle With Loneliness”
  1. I just want to thank you so much for your website, the Words of David and amazing prophesies. I always try to listen or read at least three or four of the podcast and readings a day as it has greatly increased my faith. It’s more than just milk but the fire of the Spirit that we all need! I really do look forward to it everyday and hunger for each Word. Thanks again and much love and prayers for you all there.

    1. Thank you so much for your prayers, and your words of encouragement are warmly received. May God richly bless you and your family.

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