Keys to heaven and hell


Continued from Part One, blogged on September 25, 2023

“Use the keys to unlock the secrets and the power within My Words. Many are the illusions and lies the Enemy will attempt to blind you with, but when you use these keys, you will come across mysteries and their answers in My Word that you never saw before. Know for certain that you are destined to overcome Satan and all his minions. For the keys know no failure–only the perfection and power of My promises. Follow the nudging of My Spirit as you step out into uncharted territory now, for the Spirit will guide you into all truths, even as you ride the waves and brave the wind. My beloved loves, you will become masters of Light as these dark days ahead unfold. This is indeed the era that has been prophesied and foretold for many ages. (More on the Keys! What the Future Holds, Part 2 [#3351])”   

Introduction from part one:

It’s difficult not to sound too dramatic, but I believe Jesus has given us the secret behind the number 666. I believe that our Blue Angels play an important, if not vital, role in overcoming the Devil at his own game. I believe 666 is our number, man’s number, and the Devil stole it, as he has stolen everything else on this planet, including man’s destiny way back in the Garden of Eden. As the old adage goes, “Give the Devil enough rope and he will hang himself”. I believe he has hung himself and the evidence can be found in the ashes of Lahaina in Maui. If you believe in the power of angels, but more specifically the Blue Angels given to the Children of David, if you believe you can call on them to fight on your behalf, then read on. It matters not what the worldly think, for “They savor not the things that be of God, but those that be of men.” I strongly believe we have been given a weapon that will turn the tide of battle in these last hours of man’s rule on Earth. All that’s required is faith to believe and the impetus to use that faith and the course of history will be changed. It is the power of the Blue and Gold Keys of Heaven manifested through our prayers that will fulfill Matthew 24:22. And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened. (Our prayers’ sake)  As is the case in all matters of faith; according to your faith be it done unto you. As for me and my house, we are going to war in the power of the Keys of Blue and Gold.   See blog: Blue Angels and Golden Keys


Journey to Tricon (A spirit trip to Heaven by A.W.Trenholm)

“This ship runs on different sources of power. When it’s in the spiritual dimension, it operates on a spirit-based source of power; when it’s down in temporal space, it harnesses the great hidden power of harmonics.”

“Harmonics?” I questioned. “What is that? I think I’ve heard of it, but all that comes to mind is a harmonica.”

“Harmonics is the science of musical sounds and vibrations. It’s all about the characteristics and properties of musical sounds. In the physical creation, all matter responds to a certain frequency or chord or wave pattern. For example, each natural object like a rock, a crystal or a tree, or each man-made object like a bridge, a wineglass, or a skyscraper, MB: Or a blue umbrella or a blue car, responds to certain sounds or vibrations. You may not be able to hear them, but if the tone or sound is just right, the object ‘hears’ it and responds.

“The sound waves you hear on Earth are just a small part of the great celestial spectrum of ‘sounds,’ the music of creation. Sound travels in waves, light travels in waves, energy travels in waves. In the physical dimension there are all kinds of gravitational forces and electromagnetic waves around us that we don’t see. MB: This stuff is like “way deep” you ought to try to get prophecy about this stuff. The mysteries of the universe await those hungry enough to ask and who have the faith to receive. As the stars and planets move in their courses, as they dance around the universe, they create waves, deep cosmic waves and winds. Creation pulsates and vibrates with such power, that as it moves, tremendous forces seen and unseen sweep back and forth through it in wavelike motions.” MB: So you are not actually seeing blue; you are seeing waves and energy and frequency.

“Sort of like waves on the ocean,” I added.

“A bit like that,” he replied, “but these waves are not only on the surface of the ocean of space, but some are very slow, deep and powerful that move through the very foundation of creation itself. Some people call this great symphony of moving waves ‘the music of the stars.’” MB: I can’t wait to see this stuff. Jesus has promised, “I’m going to show you all of this, the inner workings, how it all works. You don’t have the vocabulary for it right now, but wait for when you are here with us.” That is when we will be able to project our thoughts. We have limited access to these powers right now. We are only receivers now, but then, we will be able to send and receive. That is how our spirit helpers operate; they are sending us visions and dreams to get the message across. Of course, if we don’t listen or we don’t take a vision or dream seriously then we are like a television without visuals.

“So how does Lambda use these hidden forces to move along?” I asked.

“Sort of like we respond to different sounds and music, Lambda One can respond to the many different waves around us. If you have special ears you could hear them. Angels can hear all kinds of things we can’t, at least not yet.” MB: And that goes for seeing things. In this book it talks about how Travis couldn’t see what Jamal was seeing. So Jamal put his fingers on Travis’ temples and all of a sudden Travis was on a different frequency and began seeing much more and much farther.

“I studied about lasers in science, where they get light waves to move in harmony until it makes a powerful beam. MB: Yes a beautiful laser or a deadly one. You see what these devils have been up to? We have the ability through prayer to turn the frequency upon them. Is Lambda something like a big laser device?” I asked. MB: Laser device? DEW is a laser device –protection is blue… Blue Angels. This is most definitely a connection between the Word and all these happenings!

“Lambda is a bit like a laser because it can take this random wave energy coming in all around and convert it, unify it, and use it or even direct it back out as powerful beams of energy. So just as all sorts of different gases, liquids and solids can be made to ‘sing’ or give off energy if stimulated by the ‘singing’ of outside wave energy being applied to it, so likewise, Lambda converts the wave energy of the universe into useful power.”

“That’s kind of like us when we get all filled with the Holy Spirit. We start to shine and are full of energy.”

“It’s a very similar process. Only in our case we respond to spiritual light and energy that excites us, and we light up with light and power. Physical light and energy are similar, but not as powerful.MB: This is where Satan’s weakness is. He is somewhat contained within the physical realm. He perhaps thought he could replicate all that he had in Heaven, all that he had learned there. He’s a fool; he lost his power when all those embedded crystals and pipes were extracted at the time of his fall. His powers as Lucifer were dispersed amongst the other faithful angels that remained after the great rebellion.

“So what I think you’re saying,” I interrupted, “is that creation all around us is sort of ‘singing’ and ‘dancing’ with wave energy, and Lambda is able to use some of that energy.” I knew words like “sing” and “dance” were not meant to be taken too literally. I then had a funny thought and laughed. MB: I’m sure Satan isn’t happy about all this singing and dancing either. He would have the whole universe centered around himself…the black hole of selfishness, darkness and death.

“What is it?” Jamal asked.

“Well, you know how on Earth plants take energy from the sun and store it in food. Later this energy, though in another form, is released in the body when people eat the food. So I was thinking that you could say that people on Earth are powered by solar ‘music’–converted energy waves from the sun.

“That’s true,” he said, “but imagine being able to ‘digest’ energy directly. That’s what Lambda does. And if you think about it, that’s what we do now, and will do in our new bodies. Up here we don’t have to eat to live because we get our power from the Lord and from the Spirit. Anyway, getting back to the secret of Lambda’s strength and power, Lambda was built to be in tune with the great unseen waves and forces that sweep through creation, which it converts and channels for its own use.”

“That’s amazing!” I said, “You know, a while back I was trying to think what this ship reminded me of, and I thought of a surfboard!”

Jamal laughed. “It does look a bit like a surfboard, and here we are in outer space catching a wave–a giant, subspace, harmonic wave! There’s no pollution and no noise, as we sail through this great ocean of space in our giant surfboard, pushed along by powerful, unseen winds and waves–forces so great that they not only move us along like a surfboard or a sailing ship without the sound of an engine, but provide us with protective shields and power enough to deliver a searing blast at an enemy warship if we had to.”

Jamal seemed to very much enjoy these scientific discussions, though often they were quite a bit beyond me.

“How fast can this ship travel?” I asked.

Jamal just laughed. “Very fast!” he replied. Then deciding that I probably wanted a bit more of an explanation, he continued, “You need to understand that Lambda, because it’s partly spiritual in design, is not subject to all the same rules as vehicles made entirely of physical materials. Lambda can accelerate to incredible speeds without gaining mass or distorting or shifting in time and such things.”

He seemed to be referring to things I had only heard and read in accounts of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.

“We can go faster than light when we need to,” Jamal said with a smile that told me he was not inexperienced in the thrill of high-speed flight. (Journey to Tricon)

MB: As was pointed out by Jamal in the above excerpt, the full potential of sound and color cannot be reached in the physical realm. Nevertheless, what is available in the material realm is more than strong enough to hold to ransom or set free a whole planet. And that’s what the Devil is doing, holding a whole planet to ransom. However, what we are doing through the power of our blue angels and Keys of the Kingdom is setting the captives free. At the same time, we are cleaning up the planet. All the Devil’s riff-raff has to be done away with before Jesus returns. The Tribulation is for both sides. They are tribulating us, but we are also tribulating them. After we leave at the Rapture, the Wrath of God is all for them. This idea goes along with Matthew 5:5 Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth. The devils and all those that follow them will inherit Hell. Another interesting verse that corroborates these thoughts can be found in Daniel 12:12 Blessed is he that waiteth, and cometh to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days. The devils that run this planet at the moment are certainly not in line for a blessing. They are already cursed and will not cross the finish line and enter the Millennial Kingdom of God and the 1,335th day.  

  “The doors are opening as you call on the keys more and more, use your blue key to enhance the power of all keys beyond your wildest imagination.”

ON BLUE BEINGS, CREATURES, ANGELS…from “More on the Keys” Part 2

  1. These beings are the keepers of the power sources of Heaven. They are a branch of My mind and My power. They are many, yet they are one, and their sole focus is to protect the power of God. Like a cloud, these beings of divine energy descended upon the room where you were gathered, not unlike in the day of Pentecost. At My command they released the fire of Heaven’s energy source upon each of you, giving you direct connection and access to all the power of Heaven. MB: We have to start appreciating what we’ve been given. Because if we don’t, we will become familiar and resentful and lose it. But if we do appreciate it, then we will begin to use it properly. Like true lovers know how to love, true warriors know how to use their weapon.  
  2. I gave each of you the keys to Heaven and Hell–the power of Heaven and dominion over Hell. These are not tangible, physical keys; nevertheless, it was an enlarging of My power in you. To use these keys requires faith, wisdom, and a mighty protective field around you. So as I gave you the keys, I sent these keepers who transferred the power to you, and who will stand by you as added protectors of the portion of My Spirit that I am entrusting you with. Through them I will also help you learn to enlarge your faith and to use this power in the days to come. Put your trust in these beings, for they contain the secrets of the power of Heaven. They are directly connected to My mind, which commands these power sources. MB: Mind power, mind melding… We’ve been playing in puddles. But notice we are only given a portion of His spirit. Why is that? I guess the lesson has been learned. If you give one being too much power (Lucifer) then the risk of pride entering is very real.
  3. Through the power of prayer, the power of loving Me, and the power of praise, you will have the power to command all the forces of evil to be bound for a time, the power to work miracles in My Name, the power to use My will to fight for you in battle. You cannot fathom the tremendous power that has been made available to you! As you grow in faith and in Me, prepare to be astounded at the miracles I will work on your behalf.  (More on the Keys! What the Future Holds, Part 2 [#3351]) MB: Take note; we cannot fathom the tremendous power that has been made available to us. Why is that? Because of our lack of faith to believe. When our faith grows, so does our understanding and appreciation. And with appreciation comes knowledge on how to unselfishly use the tremendous power to help others.
  4. Something that’s very strange is that when I was nearer the cone, I was aware of the presence of others around me,but they seemed to be outside these clouds. It seemed that it was some sort of a library, as I got a faint picture of a circular hallway with shelves and inlets around this central power source. The clouds seem to be a way of shielding whoever goes to this library from the energy’s flow. You can’t see it from inside the building, only if you’re inside the actual power generator part. MB: What a fascinating concept. Can you see how man has copied the library idea from God? The things of Earth are only a mirror image or shadow of Heavenly things.
  5. I get the impression that this is a huge storage place for something–the storehouse or the pavilion of the powers of God! Maybe they all need this power source to exist or something,. and that’s why they’re so close to this thing. MB: Do you see what the Devil iss after? .. the Power Source. The Blue Angels are the protectors of this power source that is powering a whole civilization –this could very well be talking about Earth. And why not? Is Earth an island? Where to do we get all our information, all our inspiration and revelations from –ourselves? The way worldly man behaves, you would think so.  
  6. The whole thing is very powerful and strong and is very carefully guarded. I imagine that the gatekeepers at the base of the stream are very powerful, and with their collective protection, nothing would be able to get through to disturb the flow. And that’s not accounting for the figures on the rings at each level that are not to be messed with either. They’d probably just channel some of that energy your way, and I could see that being the last time you made such an incursion! (End of vision.) MB: Satan couldn’t get in. He was blocked. So he went about the Earth, walking up and down in it, tinkering with the elements of Earth and searching for men with corrupt minds whom he could then use to recreate the Heavenly, but on a material plane. It was not the real thing; it was a counterfeit, his own little heavenly kingdom on Earth, which will only end in corruption. 1Corinthians 15:50 Now this I say, brethren, that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God; neither doth corruption inherit incorruption.
  7. (Jesus speaking:) Behold now and see the generators of the power of God! There are many such powerhouses, and this is but the smallest and weakest of all of them. What you see here is the life’s blood for an entire civilization within My Kingdom. This power comes from My Father and is drawn directly into His throne. He powers this civilization with the words He speaks from His mouth. His thoughts are the air that this culture breathes. They exist by this power, it is their life, and without it they would have no energy at all. (More on the Keys! What the Future Holds, Part 3 [#3354])

Clear, blue angel: I am here, listening and waiting to fulfill every wish and desire that you have toward our King. We were created for His pleasure, and in pleasuring Him we in turn receive great pleasure and power. It’s a synergistic relationship. Our desire is toward Him, not ourselves. This is the joy of giving; this is the secret to our transparency and effervescence. It is not necessary to seek fulfillment in other forms, because it is found in Him. He is the creator of all things. He is the source of the River of Life, and that is where we are found, and that is where you must find your place. This principle can be seen throughout creation. The water bodies of earth must return to the heavenlies through the process of evaporation (transparency). Heated by the sun (Son) the water disappears and can only be seen as clouds. Your life is but a vapor, here today and gone tomorrow. James 4:14. We are like the blue sky yet so much like the clouds. We release life-giving water to the empty vessels. We give shade when the enemy is hot on you. We are beautiful to behold, yet we are conduits of His wrath when called upon to channel power from the powerhouse of God, yet again –like a cloud you can pass right through us. This is the nature of the Blue Angels. At night when all is dark, we are like the night sky; when you look up, you see the twinkle of stars. If you can, picture them as our eyes watching you all night long. It is only when the storm moves in and the sky is covered from view that you get a different picture of us. We are like both the lighting flashing and the angry clouds. We are like the wind that rushes through the trees. We are the conduits of the power of God, for good and for judgment.

You have been privileged with the Blue Key. The Crystal Key to the Pavilions of Truth. The Generators of God that hold ALL the secret knowledge of Heaven! MB: That’s the library



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  “I’ve reserved wondrous spiritual truths for the children of David, and when you call on the keys of revelation these truths are yours. Call on the keys of spiritual sight and I will open your eyes so that you will behold the truth of My Word.”       


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