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“Yes, time is short, and as the End draws near, Satan knows that he has but a little time. He will do battle and use all the forces of this world over which he has power–disease, plagues, pestilence, turbulence in the air and the governments of man. Yet greater is My power within you, for you have all the power of Heaven at your command–the power of prayer, of claiming My promises of protection, of provision, of supply, of great and mighty exploits in My Name.

As the world grows darker, it is more important than ever for My children to be beacons of light, and the only way that you’re going to be able to do this is if you shine with the light of My Spirit and truth and Word and love.

This is not something that can be generated from within yourselves. It has to come from My Spirit and be channeled through your spirits. Your spirits have to be fresh and clean, open, free from sin–not in the sense of being perfect, but in the sense of having regular cleansing in the spirit. You need a strong and healthy connection with Me in order to be the beacons of light that I have called you to be today, and even more so in the future.

You also need to be the warriors of the spirit that will be needed, and thus you need to be very adept in your use of the spiritual weapons. You need to tap into My power through praise, through proactive prayer, through intercessory prayer. So much is going to be required of you as you step into the future that I have ordained for you.”


Heaven is brimming with power–you simply need to channel it. Put Me on the spot, claim the heavenly assistance that is yours to partake of, and you’ll be thrilled with the results. Everything is in place for you to receive great and mighty things from My hands; simply speak the words, do your part to follow how I’m leading you personally, and trust that I will fulfill My end of the bargain.”

“Desperate prayer, working through the
power of the keys, will yield results. Pray for fruit in the power of the keys and you will find it. Pray to reach the sheep in the power of the keys, and they will come to

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