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A message from a Blue Angel



“I am here, listening and waiting to fulfill every wish and desire that you have toward our King. We were created for His pleasure, and in pleasuring Him we in turn receive great pleasure and great power. It’s  a synergistic relationship. Our desire is toward Him, not ourselves. This is the joy of giving; this is the secret to our transparency and effervescence. It is not necessary to seek fulfillment in other forms, because it is found in Him. He is the Creator of all things. He is the source of the River of Life. That is where we are found and that is where you must find your place. This principal can be seen throughout creation. The water bodies of earth must return to the heavenlies through the process of evaporation (transparency). Heated by the sun (Son), the water disappears and can only be seen as clouds. Your life is but a vapor, here today and gone tomorrow (James 4:14). We are like the blue sky, yet also much like the clouds. We release life-giving water to the empty vessels. We give shade when the enemy is hot on you. We are beautiful to behold, but also conduits of His wrath when called upon to channel power from the powerhouse of God –yet like a cloud, you can pass right through us. This is the nature of the Blue Angels. At night when all is dark, we are like the night sky. When you look up and see the twinkle of stars, picture them as our eyes watching you all night long. It is only when the storm moves in and the sky is covered from view that you get a different picture of us. We are like both the lighting flashing and the angry clouds. We are like the wind that rushes through the trees. We are the conduits of the power of God, for good and for judgment.       

“The keys will carry you into the health of Heaven, as you leave your old body behind. Ride heavenward on the keys.”

We are the keys that will carry you to the throne of God, to the source, where revitalization is found, the source of all things created. Why run around on the earth plane looking for happiness and fulfillment even within the creation of God, let alone the contraptions of man? The flesh is so easily distracted; the mind is wondrously made. The mind of the unborn, and often the newly born, is so easily muddled by the author of confusion and distraction. A little flash of color here, a new invention there. He is continually at work distracting the mind of fleshly man. You must yearn, and with great desire struggle for evaporation, to be vaporized in order that you once again espouse the River of Life and once again be poured forth and replenish those you were sent to help. It is not you looking for something from them, but you, giving of the River of Life to them, become a conduit, a channel, a moisture-giving cloud.”


“The key of light is a source of infinite power that can counter the darkness with which the Devil tries to shroud people’s hearts and minds. Call on this key to turn on “floodlights” in the hearts of those you
love and care for, and it will illuminate the
things of the spirit in their life.”



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