Kings Highway


The Spiritual Wilderness is everywhere. It’s all around you, and you can slip into it at anytime. But be careful, because sometimes you might slip OUT of it again. Take heed and walk circumspectly, for this place is spiritual and therefore it is not completely barricaded from the influences of evil spirits, including your own. There are certain ways to walk in the wilderness. To be a wilderness walker you must first put off the carnal mind, the doubtful mind, and enter through the Spirit. Then, once there, you must focus and strive to stay in the wilderness by using the Spiritual weapons to keep your mind in subjection with Jesus’s mind. You lean on Him, your Beloved.

“Who is this that cometh out of the Wilderness leaning on her Beloved?”

And you must keep your mind, above all, in the Heavenly plane. You do this by praising. By keeping your heart stayed on Jesus, and not on the winds and the waves of carnal circumstances. Enter into His gates with thanksgiving and into His courts with praise. You have to keep your mind and heart in Heaven, in the arms of your Beloved, while you walk in the World by the wilderness way. The Wilderness is not Heaven. It is a separate dimension, a sort of “In-Between Place”, and there are dangers there. So be wise and keep your heart with all diligence. And don’t accidentally slip back to the carnal plane through doubt and murmuring.  (End of prophecy)


This ‘way’, you will note, is made through the wilderness: “an highway shall be there”— through the deserts, where the sand is always shifting, where if the traveler once loses his bearings he is doomed to certain death, with the vulture’s maw as his only sepulcher. Brethren, a way is made for us through the deserts of sin, and the wildernesses of sorrow, over hills of doubt and mountains of fear. That way runs close at thy feet, poor wanderer! Though thou art now lost amid the habitation of the dragons of despair. The King’s highway is made through the wilderness: every valley is exalted, and every mountain and hill is laid low. So faint not that ye lie down to die in despair, lift up your eyes and see the door of hope. 


  “I have put the power and wisdom of all ages into your hands to use for My good. I have released to you the magic of My Kingdom, the gold magic of My love, the power of the universe, in order to win this war. Call on this power of the keys that you may be vessels for My use-giving out the love, freedom and truth of My Spirit. “


Love to hear your thots

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