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*All notes from MB are in italics.

IT WAS AT THE BEGINNING OF MY LIFETIME WHEN THE TOMB WAS OPENED–I was four years old–All of these things were springing forth, some good, some evil. The seventh day after my birthday the tomb was opened! For more insight see (“DEMONOGRAPHY”–MO October 7, 1973 NO.275A–DFO)

MB: Interesting note: Four years after David’s birthday, the door to King Tut’s tomb was discovered in 1922 and opened in 1923. (internet of things)

THE BLACK NIGHTMARE! 875 3 February 1980

WE GOT THIS PROPHECY ABOUT HOW THE LORD WAS GOING TO GIVE THE GENTILES INTO THE HANDS OF THE JEWS, & they were going to sell them to the Blacks, & Memphis was going to bury them: It’s in that Scripture about “Memphis shall bury you.” (Ho.9:6.) And it certainly did corroborate & confirm right along with the Warning Prophecy about how “Out of Memphis shall come the Great Confusion.” It must be that, just like the Lord considers Jerusalem so important to His World Government of the future, so the Devil considers Egypt extremely important to his coming world government of the future–& even of the past for thousands of years! They will sort of center their spiritual governments there. Because it says out of Memphis will come the Author of the Great Confusion & “Memphis shall bury you.”

 MB: The black magical power of the very first world empire of Egypt has now been called up as a genie of very dark power to subjugate the world of man. With only three years left before the return of Jesus, this 1980 MO letter is almost, if not already, a reality. The powers that be in Russia have called up the dark Lord himself. They intend to revive the splendor of Satanic power behind the kings of that first world empire, to make them their own. The first and the seventh World Governments fuse to become the eighth.  We believe it is even at the door.

You know, the designers of the city Astana in Kazakhstan have built a replica of a pyramid there. It isn’t a small pyramid either; it is functional.  (Internet of things: Built between 2004 and 2006 in Kazakhstan’s capital city of Astana, the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation, also known as the Palace of Peace and Accord is one of world’s most impressive pyramid designs, second maybe to the Great pyramids of Egypt. The Palace of Peace and Reconciliation: The four major parts of the sacrament of Reconciliation are: 1. Contrition 2. Confession 3. Penance 4. Absolution.) It sounds related to what those leaders wanted the world to do during those COP meetings of 2022, where they were performing rites and ceremonies and apologizing to mother earth for mistreating her. Not surprising; the system church, the Catholics, have a sacrament of Reconciliation, also called penance. It has 3 elements, conversion, confession and celebration. And as we know, all churches spawned from the Roman church. (The word Astana; If you move the S forward one place it spells Satan). And Astana is the new capital of Kazaria, see blog: “Kazaria Between the Seas



MO … THE KING OF THE SOUTH AGAINST THE KING OF THE NORTH–And all the Kings of the East. Revelation 16:12; Daniel 11:4.


MO: ONE OF THE KINGS OF THE EAST. … I would not be from Egypt, and I would not be from Rusk. 

MB: I believe this is a good example of a spirit helper speaking in first person. We don’t give the spirit as much priority as we should. Obviously it isn’t one of the physical Kings of the East, so it must be his spirit helper speaking. I looked up The Pied Piper Prophecy but couldn’t see who the spirit helper was. Or perhaps it is Abrahim who will be sent with one of these kings as a spirit helper? These kings fight the Antichrist so as an anti-antichrist, he may very well live into the Millennium as one of the good guys.

MARIA: WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT GODAHFI? (Young Revolutionary leader of Libya)

MO: HE PREPARES THE WAY FOR THE KING OF EGYPT. (Revelation 13–The False Prophet?) He will be second in Egypt. (Egypt and Libya have just joined into one nation with Syria.)

MB: Okay now, here is the first mention of Qaddafi. At this point in time, Qaddafi was still alive. But my question is, now that he is dead, has he become an important spirit helper? Obviously, he was very important whilst alive in the flesh, now that he is alive in the spirit what is he up to?


MO: NO … NOT SADAT. In Paris, I told you there would still be another King. (Shortly after Nasser’s death, we had been talking to a high government official [about Godahfi] in Paris, when afterward, while walking down the street we were questioning ourselves as to whether he might become the Antichrist–the young man from Egypt. This was even before Libya joined Egypt–and we had immediately received this prophecy right on the street–“THERE WILL YET BE ANOTHER KING IN EGYPT–FOR BEHOLD OUT OF EGYPT HAVE I CALLED HIM“–Like the Warning Prophecy and Jeanne Dixon’s vision!) … He has very great magic! Maria: Who? Godahfi? MO: YesMaria: I thought you said he wasn’t the King of the South. MO: He’s the King of the West–because Libya’s west of Egypt. He will be next to the King. …


 For God is faithful, and he, too, must have his chance. But he shall spurn it to work with the King of Egypt! But God is faithful and His voice shall speak unto him. …

MB: I haven’t checked the details, but I believe “God’s voice” was when Dad was communicating with Qaddafi. You will have to look this one up. But Qaddafi spurned it to work with the king of Egypt… Was it at this point that his heart turned toward the dark side?

(WHEN MO WAS IN WASHINGTON, D.C., IN ’67, HE TRIED TO CONTACT JEANNE DIXON, and when he couldn’t reach her personally, he talked to secretary on the phone, and she suggested he write to her–which he did–a large Warning Tract with a note on it explaining that he thought the young man in her vision, described in her first book as uniting all the world’s religions and bringing world peace, was the Antichrist and warning her about him. A year or two later we discovered she had removed her first book from circulation and published a new one, in which she gave much more Scripture than in the first one, sounded much more spiritual, like a truly saved woman, and confessed that THAT SERPENT IN HER VISION WAS THE DEVIL, AND THE YOUNG MAN FROM EGYPT THE ANTICHRIST! Praise God!)

MARIA: THE KINGS OF THE EAST–WHO ARE THEY? MO: The Kings of China, the kings of India, and the kings of Arabia and the kings of Siberia and the many kings of all nations of the East! Thou knowest. Maria: Jesus said you were one of the Kings of the East. MO: Yes because I came out of the East with my forefathers, and we shall rise up to perform his will, and to judge the enemy for his sins! AND WE SHALL RISE UP AGAINST HIM AND ALL MY CHILDREN WITH ME, and he shall not be able to stand against us, and we shall come in the power and spirit of God! In that time shall our people be delivered by the hand of God!

MB: Now this seems to indicate that it is the spirits of the Kings of the East themselves. I vaguely remember reading that this is possible, that a person’s spirit (who is still alive) can come and talk with another person. But seeing as this was many years ago now, I’d prefer to believe it is a spirit helper that will be assigned to the king.

As was mentioned in previous blogs, the kings of BRICS are gathering around the Russian leader Putin to form a powerful alliance that is now challenging the power of the capitalist West. We believe that Putin is the Antichrist and has already called up the ancient powers of Egypt and of course the King of Egypt, Satan himself. So we have the US and NATO fighting Putin in the Ukraine, and now we have the US and France fighting Putin in proxy war in Africa. But according to the Endtime prophet’s dream, “The Frog” (also see download below) the US is going to die in West Africa and in dying, expose itself as the dirty rat that it has been for many, many years. As for the Ukraine, the Bible itself, in Daniel 11, indicates that the US and NATO will lose the war with Putin in the Ukraine. The Endtime prophet David also points out this fact. (See “Five Wars of the Antichrist”). If you are lost as to why Ukraine and not old Biblical Israel centers in these wars of the Antichrist, then please follow this link. The End is very very close now.

I hope you are beginning to piece this all together. I hope you understand that the wars that you see on the news are only a manifestation of the real war that is being waged in the spirit world. This goes with anything in the material realm. For example, the moral degeneration of your city is only a manifestation of the degeneration in the spiritual realm that has already happened and getting worse as we near the End. (See Journey to Gragau [Chapter 11 is especially revealing]) Man is very much influenced by the spirit realm, that is why our prayers are so vitally important. When given the Keys of the Kingdom, the Children of David were given the most powerful weapon in the universe. If used according to the will of God, we have in our hands the means to change the course of history. There are great wars being engaged in, in the spirit realm right now, one in Eastern Europe and one in West Africa. In the MO letters“The Frog” and “Egypt’s Kings” we are being shown some of the main players in the dark side of the spirit realm. It is far later than you may realize. We pray these blogs help you see this glaring fact.  



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“Jesus speaking: I (too) had to decide which way it would be for Me. It had to be My Own decision to fight for truth and walk the missionary’s way. The choice was Mine–and the choice is yours–as I give to each of My children this divine majesty of choice. No one could decide for Me, just as no one can decide for you. No one else could fulfill My Father’s plan for Me; only I could do that. Just as no one else will be able to fulfill My will for you, for I have designed each of My children for a particular job and place of service.”


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