MB: If you need a little reminder as to what these next few blogs are all about, here are links to the blogs on the 12th and 13th. Briefly, we are looking for who’s who in the spirit world in regards to the “War in Africa”.

* All notes from MB are in italics.


Quotes from the Prophecies of God from 600 B.C. to the End!

THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT SYMBOL: THIS IS THE POWER OF THE ILLUMINATI. Without the Sphinx the mystery of the Illuminati would have no power. This is where all of its power comes from.”–THE ILLUMINATI AND WITCHCRAFT NO. 948 

MB: I highlighted this quote to impress on you the importance of where Russia’s seat of power lies. Remember Grandmother’s “Out of Memphis” prophecy? The power source of the final world government comes out of Memphis. That is where the Sphinx is. Our power comes out of the Heavenly City. These two powers are opposing each other. Satan has been a long time creating his dominance on Earth. His first “world capital” was in Egypt, and it seems that is where he centers his spiritual power for his final world empire.

THE AFRICAN NIGHTMARE!” January 29, 1973 No.201.

IN A DREAM I WAS LOOKING AT THE MAP OF AFRICA. All of a sudden it grew all black, and up out of it rose this HUGE MONSTROUS BLACK DEMON, LIKE HE ROSE UP OUT OF AFRICA TO DESTROY THE WORLD! It shook me up so that it woke me up! Then I was thinking, “That’s true! Egypt is the head of Africa, and the Antichrist is going to come from Egypt!” But the vision emphasized the fact that it was going to be WITH BLACK AFRICAN POWER THAT THE ANTICHRIST IS GOING TO RISE UP AND OVERPOWER THE WORLD. It was as thought they were so demon-possessed, so satanic, that the rest of the world would be no match for them.

 MB: Dad is not talking about people power but black spiritual power, black magic 

MO’ LI’L JEWELS!” Sept. 1976 No.536

THE GREAT PYRAMID AND KING TUT’S TOMB and all of these mysteries regarding the kingdom of ancient Egypt are being opened up to this generation because they are going to be significantly fulfilled in this time!

MB: Interesting note: The door to King Tut’s tomb was discovered in 1922 and opened in 1923.

THE SPIRITUAL SEEDS PLANTED THOUSANDS OF YEARS AGO ARE GOING TO BLOSSOM IN THIS GENERATION–both good and evil–as though this generation were their flowering. Although I didn’t express the explanation I had in tongues, I got the picture and the meaning of the picture:

EGYPT HAS MUCH TO DO WITH WHAT IS HAPPENING TODAY and what is going to happen, and the ancient spirits are anything but dead! God is going to permit them to come back into control again. God is going to now permit them to come up out of the ground and crop forth in this last day

MB: The power has always been from the spirit. That is why Satan has tried so hard to kill true Christianity, because true Christians hold the real power. That is –if they know how to use it. That is –if they took their spiritual teachers seriously. That is –if they took the Word seriously. In forsaking the Words of David, you initiate a serious power cut. In fighting them, you are worshiping the opposite, which is black power.

BECAUSE PEOPLE HAVE REJECTED GOD AND HIS TRUTH, HE’S GOING TO LET THE OCCULT AND THE SATANIC TAKE OVER, like Pandora’s Box! They’re again going to take over the ruler-ship of the world just like they did before. No wonder the Antichrist is going to come out of Egypt

MB: I’m no longer sure that the Antichrist (himself) is going to come out of Egypt. It is the dark spiritual powers of the first world empire that is going to come out of Egypt. The Antichrist is going to conjure them up in order to perform the huge job at hand; much like the witch of Endor conjured up Samuel. His first feat was to bring the USSR back to life. This began in the year 2000 and has continued up until this day. And the second will be to rule the world after the sickly grey-green cat is dead. (See The Frog). Or another thought could be that the king of Egypt, being Satan, possesses the Antichrist; therefore, it could be understood as the power behind the Antichrist coming out of Egypt.

“And in the latter time of their kingdom, when the transgressors are come to the full, a king of fierce countenance, and understanding dark sentences, shall stand up. (Daniel 8:23)

The Antichrist, the man, is really just a vehicle for the Devil, his body is used as a medium and will be cast away like a used rag when the Devil is exorcised and thrown into the bottomless pit.

So the Antichrist is the epitome or image of Satan’s power on Earth and has given himself solely to studying the dark arts, learning from the master himself and eventually allowing the master to fully possess him. Now we know that in all things pertaining to the spirit there is a counterpart. So who do you think would be the AC’s opposite number?

Us! Yes, at least we have been given the opportunity if we so desire. Therefore are we not in the same school, except that we are on the side of light? We have been learning the arts of spiritual power for many years. Has it not been for the purpose of allowing the Master to fully possess us? –just as a bride allows her husband and lover to possess her, yet in a much deeper sense. The keys of the Kingdom can change your spirit, your mind, and your thoughts, so that you’re in My Spirit, using My mind, and thinking My thoughts. The more you call on the keys of total possession by Me, the more they will be activated, and the more you will experience the changes you desire.” What are we desiring when we call on these Keys? We are asking that the Spirit of the living God possess us, not just hang around outside our body but fully enter in. Salvation is a type, but in the case of salvation, most people hang onto their will and majesty of choice. Full possession indicates that you are surrendering all, your spirit, mind and thoughts. It reminds me of a prophecy received some time ago where the spirit helper was talking about taking over our minds during this time and giving them back after the mission was complete. I would say the entrance exams are the hardest. Those exams are found in the Bible,  Acts 2:44 & 45 being one of them. As you progress in learning, the Words of David present more exams or tests. The Words of Maria bring even more. These exams are in preparation for the Endtime and our destiny. If you are listening, then I’m sure many examples are being brought to mind by your Heavenly tutors as I speak. Turning your back on the Words of David is akin to leaving school.

MB: Prophecy: “To be the type of vessel Jesus needs in these very last days on earth requires much preparation. His chosen vessel has to put on the mind of God, the Word; what has been spoken before, the written Word, and what is being spoken right now, the living Word. What you are seeking is full-possession. If the vessel is full of self or the things of the world, then a forsaking of worldly input, voices, ideas and concepts of man is required. You have to put off those things. You have to labor to come into rest, and again the Keys can be of great assistance in clearing your mind.

There is a special link. Some have called it the DSL, and it is a link dedicated to His Word, His mind, His personal voice or His voice through one of His Keys; His mind must fill our own. We become one with His mind, the same spirit, the same thoughts, and when this is achieved, time is no more. You are in the land of miracles, of anything is possible. You can be separated from us on the other side of the spiritual veil. Your colleague can be in another country, yet we are all linked in spiritual communication and so hear the same thoughts, as if space does not exist either. It is the River that flows throughout all creation, through every rift and valley, through every tree and rock, through every single molecule and into the deepest parts of the physical and spiritual universe, into the very mind of God.”

MB: Now we are at the end of the Endtime tunnel, the last lap, the final 400 meters are before us. Let’s see what Satan and his boys are up to. 



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“We live in a sky that God has created for us–one perfectly suited to our needs and our lifestyle. We sail on winds that have carried all of God’s men and women since the beginning of time–the winds of His words, the winds of His love, the winds of His infinite care. And our wings, which represent our faith, are capable of facing and braving every challenge‚ provided we use them and exercise them and continue flying daily with them! Nothing can stop us! We can’t be pulled down from our heights unless we choose to. Only in listening to the simple-minded little fish in their pond of flatlander shallowness can we be pulled away from our thrilling flights and our fulfilling missions!”


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