“The Devil’s trying hard to hinder God’s people and slow them down, or even bring them to a deadlock. He knows he can’t have them–they’re saved–but he’s slipping them a Mickey (an alcoholic beverage that is secretly altered to stupefy, render unconscious, or otherwise incapacitate the person who drinks it). He’s trying to get in with compromise, carnal-mindedness, and the ways of the world. Of course he has to make it look acceptable and believable, even fun and exciting.”

” What has become of Faith? Why is it not still universally taught and realized? Did it disappear with the Apostolic age? Was it withdrawn when Peter, and John were removed? By no means. It remained in the Church for centuries, and only disappeared gradually in the growing worldliness, corruption, formalism and unbelief.”

Worldly or Free

“It’s very subtle for those who are in the forest. It creeps up on’m and they don’t even realize it’s happening. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying life in itself, but which life do you want to enjoy–the life of Christ and all His joy and love and ecstasies, or the life of the world with all its confusion, woes, and pain? All that glitters is not gold!”

“You know what worldliness is? Worldliness is being bound–it’s not liberty! Worldliness is not freedom! Worldliness is being all bound up within the boundaries of man. Worldliness is being limited within the narrow confines of man’s own puny little finite mind. And freedom? What is free in man’s world? Nothing! Poor, pitiful, fleshly man is not free. They’re only bound slaves, chained by the conformity they’ve wrought with their own hands.”

“The only way to be in the world and not of the world is to stay pumped up with the Word–to be inoculated with the Word and the truth. To hear fresh from Heaven on a daily ­basis, so that you will be able to stand up with conviction and give an answer to every man that asks. The way to be in the world and not of the world is to not go out and play their game along with them.”

Worldly or Free

“The Devil has infiltrated everything; he owns the world, in a way. Not really, because the Lord is the Owner of the Universe, but ­Satan has free rein on Earth right now. He’s promoting his lies, his thoughts, and his attitudes through every means available. Brainwashing is his business. They accuse God of brainwashing–ha! Choose who you would rather be brainwashed by–the Devil or God!”

Worldly or Free

I have lost the road to happiness–
Does anyone know it, pray?
I was dwelling there where the morn was fair,
But somehow I wandered away.
I saw rare treasures in scenes of pleasure
And ran to pursue them, when lo!
I had lost the path to happiness,
And knew not whither to go.

O’er uncharted sea
To their hearts desire
Do men of faith set sail,
While the beaten men
Walk with fearful hearts
Along life’s beaten trail.
The men of faith will challenge
Both men and Satan’s wrath,
But the beaten men will compromise
And walk the beaten path.
Beaten roads are for beaten men,
As they walk with measured tread;
With tuneless souls they move along
To dwell among the dead.
But men of faith climb unscaled walls,
And sail uncharted sea.
They dare to cross conventions bounds
To set the captives free.
–Thomas Wyatt
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