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A Prayer

 “Jesus, I want to give all to You. I want to die to self and get rid of my pride. It always wants attention and recognition. Help me to live only for You. Your love should be the only thing I care about. I should just be worried about what You think. If I am truly thinking that, then all this other nonsense won’t even matter to me. All I want to think about is whether I am making You happy. Am I giving you love and praise? Am I desiring you and receiving from You? Or am I distracted because I didn’t get enough attention from people and now I feel useless? That is so shallow and lame. I should just think about whether I am loving You enough and showing you enough attention. You have given me so much. You show me love in so many ways. Sometimes I feel so spoiled. YET I still complain and feel sad. I know it’s just an attack of the enemy. But it’s my yucky pride that lets him in. It’s you I want to please. It’s You that I trust implicitly. I must just put all these things and worries into Your capable hands and know that you are working in each situation in the best possible way.

I am not going to second guess You or worry about whether You are doing things right. I must forsake my own doubts and hesitancy all throughout the day and resist every time the enemy and my pride team up to try to drag me back into my carnal mind. It’s a well-traveled path, and I seem to easily gravitate that way.  I know you gave me a mind so that I could think and work and make decisions for you. But a lot of the time, I need to set that mind aside and just listen to you and just take what Your Word says without question. That’s what I want to do. No matter how things look to me, I want to trust Your Word and what You say. When I hear something in prophecy, I will believe it. If things change, and you later tell me something different or if someone else tells me something different, YETI will still believe…

To see the rest of this prayer and Jesus’ answer (please download  “A prayer” pdf here)

My Poor Mind

“Put the mind into the spiritual realm, suddenly its feet aren’t on the ground, it seems to be floating, but it doesn’t know how that is possible or if it will suddenly be dropped.”




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