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November 29, 2022 – Prophecy Tips on “How To.”

“Focus on your subject, let’s say John for example. It doesn’t matter what he’s doing or where he is; the message will reach him –when he wakes up if he’s asleep. If he’s busy, when he gets time to hear from his spirit helpers, your message will come in. It’s a bit like email. You go to the email when you want to hear from your friends. You don’t know if they have written, but you go there just to check the mail. Well, this is what you must get into the habit of doing when you sit down to hear from us about something. Before starting or when you are finished, switch gears and check your mail, and, by faith, some mail will or won’t come in. This is the first step. If you start practicing, you will see some fast results, and that is because you have been faithful to hone the gift of prophecy. Now in the future, and this is a promise, your emails will become 3D, virtual reality and if it is His will, full reality. That’s in the future, but first you must practice, practice, practice.”

“Boost your prayers by claiming specific keys, the right key for every need.”

Focus on the Power! [#3374])

I am no longer calling repeatedly. You have had your times of training in obedience and following Me, and these are no longer mere tests; they are the real thing. You have gone from the practice range to competition, from basic training to spiritual combat. Rewards are given instantly to those who obey instantly. And by the same token, the loss will be felt instantly by those who hesitate. In the spirit world, things are moving faster. You have less time. The time for great and obvious demonstrations of My Spirit is right around the corner. In order for each person to be ready for those days, I’m stepping up the pace, and I don’t have time to wait around for those who are hesitant or unsure.

Yet this is My mercy. If I did not pick up the pace, no one would be ready for the more difficult, intense, fast-paced days of action you will face in the future. I have patiently trained and instructed. I have pulled the Children of David along as fast as they would let Me. I have nudged and pleaded and given second chances. All of that has been part of your training and of teaching you to obey. I have let you feel the results of your actions. Now the results will come much more quickly–instantly, in some cases.

Excerpt from Heaven’s Library Book, Blood and Freedom…a “virtual reality” encounter.

“Oh, Jesus!” she moaned aloud. “I can’t do this! I don’t know what to do, or how to do it. … I don’t know anything at all! Please help me!”
She stopped suddenly as she felt a warm touch on her back. She remained motionless, knowing that she was alone in the room, and with the door still tightly shut, that no one could have entered. Assuming therefore that the touch must be coming from some sort of spirit, she stayed with her back turned, not wanting to frighten it away by trying to determine for certain its presence.
Two strong hands now moved gently down her bare back, caressing her firmly but with a touch so smooth that she felt the ripples all the way in the pit of her stomach. Back up to the nape of her neck, then contouring every vertebrae down to her waist and a little below. Now around the front to her thighs, gently caressing her stomach, sliding gently up and down. As the touch came to her breasts, Kate could stand it no longer, and flung herself wildly around, hoping that if she moved quickly enough she could catch at least a fleeting glimpse of this ghostly intruder.
To her complete surprise, she found herself nose to nose with Jay, half-naked himself and smiling at her unabashed surprise.
“Jay!” she burst out. “What are you doing here? I thought you were a spirit!”
“I’m here, aren’t I?” he raised an eyebrow, then grabbed her firmly around the waist. “Let’s not waste time on words.”
Pressing her tightly into him, he silenced her lips on his, all the while moving his hands continuously as he explored the soft delights of her responsive body.
Whenever he would remove his lips, Kate would open her mouth again to ask a question, and each time she did, somehow she seemed to feel an answer flowing through her mind–encouraging, strengthening and uplifting her spirit with each turn it took through the channels of her heart. Then he would kiss her again, and then pause for another strange time of unspoken answers to her questions, until finally all of her questions were answered and their lips no longer needed to separate themselves at all.
* * *
Kate woke with a start, and blinked at the morning sunlight coming through the half-closed blinds. She looked at her watch. Seven-thirty. All of a sudden the events of the night before came rushing back to her, and she looked wildly around the room. Everything seemed just as it had been. Jay was nowhere to be seen.
Perhaps it was all a dream, she wondered slowly to herself. But yet, something that was so real … she could still feel every touch, every movement …. She shook her head. That was no dream, she finally determined.
She stood before the long mirror a moment, and then suddenly moved closer. With a triumphant smile she suddenly laughed aloud with glee. There, nestled directly above her right breast was a small, dark pink heart-shaped hickey.
With this as proof that something very unusual indeed had taken place–though exactly what, she could not have told you, Kate’s peace of mind was restored, and she put her thoughts towards the more sober events of the day.”



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