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Jesus: What is “new blood”? It’s desiring My Spirit. It’s being led of My Spirit. It’s being one with My Spirit. It’s being an open vessel, a new bottle who desires only the new and is never satisfied with the old. Your Father David gave “New Bottles” many years ago, and that is the heart and core of “new blood.”-Be one of My Spirit-led, new-day, Endtime disciples, one who is hungry and madly desirous of Me and My Spirit! That’s “new blood.”

“New blood” embodies change, movement‚ revolution. It’s never settling down in spirit; it’s constantly looking forward. It’s not being bound to the past, to conventions, inhibitions, or prejudices. It’s being truly liberated and set free in Me to follow My Word-to live My Word, to apply My Word‚ to become a living manifestation of My Word! It’s being a revolutionary in heart and spirit. It’s breaking out of the mold, rejoicing in change, rejoicing in movement, rejoicing in having no limits and no boundaries on how I can use you or work through you!

It’s having no preconceived ideas on how things should be done. It’s being willing to completely turn around and go in a different direction, being led not by the carnal mind or carnal reasoning‚ but by the very Spirit of God! It’s being willing to throw yourself at My feet and abandon everything that pertains to yourself and your nature and past experience, and say, “Here I am, dear Lover and Husband, use me as You will! Possess me, and fill me with the Wild Wind of Your Spirit!”

Being “new blood” is in essence being a child of the Spirit. It’s being one who is-and who desires to be-possessed by the Wild Wind of My Spirit. This is where true freedom lies-freedom from anything that would tie you down and encumber you spiritually, whether it be the past, personal mindsets, your carnal mind, the cares of this life‚ or even past ways of operating.

Only those who chase after and desire the Wild Wind of My Spirit can truly be “new blood” in spirit. It’s because they’re not tied down-to anything. They’re constantly moving forward, chasing the wind and chasing My Spirit wherever She leads and blows. They’re on the move spiritually; they desire to be one with My Spirit, so they ardently and aggressively chase Her and seek to be one with Her. They cling to the ways of the Spirit; their ears are attuned to the whispers and words of the Spirit; they desire the Spirit above all.

Thus they are willing to lay aside all else to possess My Wild Wind. They strip themselves bare of their own carnality, of anything of the mind or the flesh that would encumber or weigh them down or hinder or delay them in their wild chase of My Spirit. To possess Her and be one with Her and follow where She leads is all they truly desire. They know that it will cost them everything-not just once, but continually-but to possess Her is worth that much to them.

In possessing Her and being in Her embrace lies the essence of “new blood‚” for My Wild Wind possesses My true Spirit of Love. She possesses My wisdom. She possesses all that My new blood needs in order to stay new and fresh and alive in My Spirit.

The blood of My Spirit must run free and thick and unhindered through your veins. You must nourish and feed your blood with the nutrients of My Spirit(THE KEYS). You must live off My Spirit! Your heart, your motives, and your very being must pulsate with the Spirit. For only by being alive and possessed by the Wild Wind of My Spirit can you both follow and lead in the coming days. For these are the days of the Spirit, and the days of the flesh are fast fading. (We’ve entered our wilderness) And now shall My children and brides enter the full fulfillment of My New Church prophecies of years past.

For only My Spirit can lead you in the coming days. And only by staying very close to My Spirit-by chasing Her and desiring Her with all of your being-will you even know how to lead. For how to lead and where to lead you don’t know and will not know-your flesh cannot know, your carnal mind cannot know. Only by chasing and capturing the Wild Wind of My Spirit will you know, for She will lead you into all truth. She will show you the way, as you use all the weapons of the spirit at your command and desire Her and chase after Her.

This is the way of the future, My loves.-To follow the Wild Wind of My Spirit!-And to do that you must be “new blood” in spirit, one who is always looking forward, always chasing the Spirit, always looking toward the horizon.(to where the pick was pointing to-the City of Gold on the yonder mountain) Just as your David was an example of this, you must be enthralled by the Spirit‚ you must desire Her above all else‚ and you must desire to learn of Her ways, how to get closer to Her, how to fully possess Her and Her power.

From Her bosom will come My answers and My leading to see you safely into the future I have for you. And so My new blood must be strongly led of My Spirit. My new blood must be harnessed to My Spirit, daring not to stray to the left or right from being led explicitly and solely by My Spirit.

To possess Her and actively chase after Her is spiritual life, regeneration‚ and forward movement. These are the qualifications of My new blood. You must desire My Spirit and to be one with My Spirit and spiritual weapons above all else. Anything that would distract or get in the way must be set aside.-For it is a barrier and ruse of the Enemy that would seek to ensnare you and keep you from entering into My full power.-The full possession of My Spirit.

Is it possible to change and become and stay “new blood”? Anyone can change and become and stay “new blood.” All it takes is an infusion of My Spirit into your spiritual bodies and veins-a spiritual blood transfusion, if you will. And that transfusion can take place instantly. All it takes is desiring the infusion of the new; and desiring that the blood running through your spiritual veins is only filled with Me and My Spirit and My ways.

Your blood and your veins need to run thick with My Spirit! Your veins can’t be constricted through compromise; your blood can’t be diluted with the cares of this world, the ways of man, the ways of the flesh, or the carnal mind.

I promise you that anyone can have that spiritual blood transfusion if they desire it! That transfusion can happen instantly, if someone desperately desires it and opens their heart and spirit fully to Me, desiring to be made anew and become a true child of the spirit. The physical manifestations of that change might take a little longer, but so long as that desire and openness and willingness to be made anew is there, then soon the blood will be fortified and true spiritual strength will return in full‚ with the veins flowing full of My Spirit‚ wild and free!

You stay “new blood” by:

Never abandoning the chase for the Wild Wind of My Spirit.

Never settling down in spirit. Never being content with what has been accomplished and what ground you have gained. You are always looking forward to the horizon, always following My Spirit’s lead, and always being willing to chase Her around the corners-the places where you can’t see with your natural sight, but have to walk by faith and trust Her leading.

Being so in love with Me and My Spirit that it is your life’s calling to be one with Us. Nothing or nobody else can pull you away from that high calling and the thrill of the chase. Nothing of this world can lure you away from the race to catch My Spirit and possess Her in full.

Always seeking Me, always seeking My voice and My leading in everything, never your own. (End of message.)     (Art of War, The, Part 5 [#3578])


One of the words that stood out to me in the above text was harnessed so I looked up the Strong’s Hebrew meaning and occurrences in verses in the Bible.

Strong’s Hebrew #5402 (nesheq) {nay’-shek}- armed men, battle, harness, weapon; military equipment.


“I Want Everyone to Know, Never Take Anyone’s Word for the Gospel, Especially Revelations, Here’s How It Works. When You’re in the Word, God Will Speak to You Through His Holy Spirit, He Will Move You in the Direction He Wants You to Go. Please Stop Looking for That Individual Here on Earth That Has All the Answers, They’re Not Here…That Includes Anything I Say, Always Test Every Spirit. Every Word That Is Uttered Out of Any Man’s Mouth Must Be Verified Through the Holy Spirit… Stevie Ray Hansen.”


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  1. “What Is the New Blood” is exactly what I needed to hear, how to live in the Spirit, desiring the wild wind of God’s Spirit to fully possesses me. Thanks for posting and for the reminder.

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