bless the lord, O my soul



Psalm 103:1 Bless the LORD, O my soul: and all that is within me, bless his holy name.

Jesus says:

Blessed means it goes on, it prospers. A blessed tribe had lots of people and all that they needed to go on living in a land. Their children were healthy and many; their animals had lots of babies and grew strong. Pestilence and sickness didn’t wipe them out; other surrounding people groups didn’t come to rob away their food and belongings or take them away to be their country’s workers but left them alone to live and prosper. They were able to keep their land safe and make it a strong abode that could withstand if they were ever invaded by selfish people or even wild beasts.

So to be blessed is a good thing.

“Bless the Lord” it says. Are you blessing Me today? Are you helping to make Me known to others, so that in My Kingdom there will be many people and children of God, and those becoming the “sons of God”? Are you using the power of Heaven, and the power of praise most of all, to chase away the enemy and make you become strong in the spirit? Are you having a praiseful attitude of faith toward Me, rather than letting bitterness and doubt ruin our relationship and make you sick and unwell?

Praise plays a vital role in blessing My Kingdom and letting it prosper. You can do this by loving Me and telling Me how thankful you are that I am in charge and doing all the hard work to make life better and change people for the better.

How much have you declared to others how very powerful I am, and that nothing is impossible? Do people know how very strong and undefeatable I really am and that I will complete what I have begun –this whole Earth project and the lives of countless people?

“All that is within me”. What and who is that? All the people that were yet to be born –his seed, his children– is one thing that it means, those who were yet to come. He wanted to praise Me and bless My Kingdom and to have all his descendants do the same, all of him, all parts of him, including his children, his seed, and all their children and those who followed.

How can you do this too? You can first of all declare the goodness of God to those around you and even to your own heart.  You can write and publish the accounts of the amazing acts of your righteous and all-powerful, ever-caring and loving God. Then people can read it, just like King David went on to do in many of his Psalms.


There are other ways you can declare how God is and how He works —through audios and videos, not just in books, so that others will come to join His Kingdom. You can do shows of praise and worship songs and sing of the goodness of the Lord. You can write letters to friends or chat with them about what the Lord has done and is doing with you and for you.

Another way you can bless the Lord is by praying—praying for the work of God to prosper, for His people to be blessed and well cared for, for victories and healing and for the defeat of the Enemy’s work in people’s lives. So with praise and positive declaration of the Lord’s goodness, as well as with fighting in prayer for God to work, then can I and My kingdom be blessed and flourish and prosper, and bring much good and joy to many. Bless Me and I will bless you.

“Foil [ the Enemy’s] plans by praying desperately and in earnest, as you attack him with your fiery keys turned to swords. The Enemy cannot stand the persistent and powerful attacks of the children of David who hold the keys of the Kingdom in their


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