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“To have joy in the struggle, grace for the dying, and beauty for ashes, you must first be willing to accept what I have asked of you. You have been accepting… slowly but surely, and are now feeling the peaceable fruits of contentment. You are getting there, My love! Nothing is in vain; all your choices do matter and do propel you in one way or the other. Now you must be diligent to soak in My Word, for without the Word there is no strength, no power, no force driving you onward. You can’t do it in your flesh –as you have seen. For at times you have fallen back and at times you have doubted and murmured in your heart. The flesh is weak and corrupt–it will never submit willingly. It will always be a choice whether to give the flesh or the Spirit the controls of your life. This is what you are learning. It’s not a self-denial trip but a school of learning –how to put the flesh in subjection to the Spirit so that you are not carried away by every wind of carnality that passes through. Then Jesus will have control of your every move, every desire, every action, and will teach you about the “Order of Things”.  He created the order, not you. Not your will but His, be done. He knows what’s best, not you. Yield and obey; trust and obey. Submit yourself under the mighty hand of God and in time He will exalt you. Not like Satan, who sought to exalt himself by himself; but you do it through Jesus, not your by own will and pride. Humility is the Great Key to all else”…(submitted)



“Even now you can be watching and praying in your spirit, honing the gift of prophecy and heavenly direction. It’s the little things that are the most powerful at really honing your hearing abilities to a razor edge. You already know this is a hard thing to do, so do not say in your heart that you do not have any means of practicing this gift on the field or in life-or-death situations to help you master the use of “Asking Me Everything”. Every day could be a challenge if you’d apply yourself and call on the Keys of Remembrance.

Fear not, ye little ones of David. Worry not about whether you have the practical training or qualifications to be My witnesses and prophets. For I, the Lord thy God, shall hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, fear not. I will help thee, I will uphold thee –not you and your own skills and experience, but I, the “Holder of the Keys” and the “Tuner of the Instruments of Heaven”. I will play your Key in the right sequence and on the right time, so do not fear, for I will awaken thee when it is Time.” (submitted)


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