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Jesus speaking: “It has always been the Word. The victory isn’t always the disappearing of the trial or the battle you face in life. It is fighting on till you can’t fight on any more, then fighting on some more. The enemy is slowly eating away at your foundation, your endurance, your faith and your spirit of willingness to continue. It isn’t a fair fight; he has every advantage it would seem. Yet, if you hold on, he cannot win, and he knows that. But will he quit? No, never, he is locked in till the end, and therefore so must you be locked in to the Word or else you will just wear out.

My love, this is war, and war is never easy and will never go the way you would like it to go. There is always an opposing force: the enemy, whose job it is to bring you down, destroy you and take you off of the board. If you continually look at the conditions you are fighting the war in, then you will not see the enemy’s devices. He is devious and sly. He is a dirty player and he is continually looking for weakness and areas where your guard is not up as high as it should be. Why do you read so much of My good clean wholesome Word and yet at times like now, you feel so weak and buffeted by the evil one? Take a look at your armor. The Word is your weapon; the Word is what you use to fight the enemy. So what is your armor? Your armor is your obedience. If My Word tells you to do so and so and you do it, then you give your armor and those around you (your armor bearers) more power to protect you from the fiery darts of the wicked. So, sweetheart, what are you doing or allowing in your life that is weakening you, or preventing those who care for you full sway in your life? What are you stubbornly hanging onto that God’s Word has told you to specifically not do?

Are you in this war for the long haul because you want to, or because you are forced to–by whatever circumstance or reason the enemy dishes up? He always gives reasonable excuses and reasons for your battle conditions; those are his tactics. He gets many of the Lord’s top people off of the board by getting them to look at their conditions and equipment.

There is one area that I wish to point out to you that must be looked at critically. That area is the time you spend looking at other writings and “things” on the internet. You may not think so, but you are important to this little unit. You may think others are more important than you and that you are not worth too much in the overall war, but you are wrong. You have been lied too, and you are swallowing those lies. Tell me, is the information the enemy feeding you helping make you stronger? You may feel it makes you more informed and therefore better equipped to prepare for what is coming, but is it? Are you so sure that it is not the enemy that is feeding you all this information? Do you pray about or over each piece you read? After reading, are you left with a spirit of fear or faith? Do you feel the same way after reading the Word of God? The enemy is very devious –beyond comprehension; he has his eye on you because of Whom and what you stand for. Do not belittle your position or responsibility; do not lend yourself to that feeling of hopelessness when confronted with the fiery darts of the wicked one. Put away the things of this world and trust that the Word alone will give you all the knowledge and foresight needed to win the war that is now raging around you. If you fall, those around you will fall. If you yield to these continual and relentless attacks on your position, then those directly around you may fall too; however, that depends on how fiercely they are holding onto their armor and weapons. But let me tell you, sweet one, those “little ones” are being attacked too and they look to you for courage and fortitude and unity with those that share in the load of leadership. Each of you will be held accountable to hold the position that have been assigned by HQ, so do not abdicate the helmet/crown you have been given, for you are expected to hold your ground, and then having done all, to hold some more. There is no doubt in any of our…your spirit helpers… minds and hearts, that this war will be won. Do not think that we do not fight our battles. We too are in constant warfare with the wicked. We too have to keep up our side of the battle line, and we too are responsible for others that stand around us. Our place is beside you; yours is beside us and those “little ones” around you as well as those who share in the command of this, your unit. No one is out of the woods yet. Everyone is fighting madly to hold their ground and at the same time looking for any chance to gain ground. As soon as the enemy steps back, even one step, our forces rush in to claim the land. If you are not there to fill that gap, then that battle, for all intent and purposes, has to be fought again and again and again until you do rush in and stand in the gap. Then you stand, until such a time as those around you rush to your side to support you in battle. Do not think that you have a small part in this war…so what’s the use? This is precisely what the enemy wants you to think, and then he wants you to believe and act upon his implanted misconceptions. Do not think that your position can be filled by someone else. It is a poisonous lie. If you abdicate, you will be held responsible. If you die holding your position then you will be glorified.”




“To know the future you have to get in touch with the Source. Jesus is the Spirit of prophecy. The future is not past finding out. If you want to rely on the media and alternative sites, go ahead. But you will not find the truth there, only the surmizings of man, his thoughts and views. Pick up the gift of prophecy that was promised you, His bride. Acts 2:17,18. “2022 The Pivotal Year” is a compilation of prophecies received for 2022. It also has some good advice for 2023 and your immediate future.”


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