war in Africa


You will always be in My hands. Under My wings will you abide as the storms of this Endtime pass by. Fear not, neither allow the enemy to come in under your dome of protection by failing to filter his flood through the Keys of discernment and truth. Fear is your greatest enemy; prayer and praise are your greatest friends. Know one thing: that all things will work together for good to those who stand upon My promises and My Keys. These are dark times, My dearest brides, as the enemy rages across the face of the earth. These events that My Word has predicted for millennia must needs come that the End of man’s rule on earth also come. The world is entering the days of Great Tribulation. There will be wars and rumors of war, but be not troubled for all these things must come to pass that the End may come. My return is imminent, My loves, but before the dawn, great turmoil and travail will come upon the children of men. I have called you to prayer; I have placed the Keys in your hands. You have a weapon that is far greater than any weapon created by man. Prayer is supercharged by love and directed to its target by My will. Prayer always hits it the mark, even if shot in the wrong direction. Learn to shoot straight; be a sharp shooter, one of My spiritual snipers. Stay in the spirit, stay full of faith by listening to the still small voice at your ear. For it is the spirit that intercedes for you. It is the spirit that will direct that prayer right to the dead-center of the intended target. For good or for destruction, the prayer of faith directed by My will will hit the mark every time.

Pray for Niger, pray for all those that will make decisions for or against her. Give Me power to contain this storm in a bottle. Pray that those that would have it spill over into surrounding countries not have their way. Pray that I bring judgment and retribution on those that would consume this situation upon their lusts. The pride of man is great in the world, but it is especially rampant in Africa. Pray that it is contained and that it doesn’t run amok. Pray that the plans of those that  would send the sons and daughters of others into these situations be turned aside. Pray for peace, yet know that these are dark times and tribulation must come before the end of all things. This is Satan’s last fling. Pray that he and his fallen ones be contained and know that but for the prayers of My children who wield the Keys of the Kingdom, no flesh would survive. You cannot go to these trouble spots, but your prayers can send us there, so pray. Your prayers can influence the minds and hearts of those who sit in high places, whose decisions will influence the outcome of this war. Activate the Key of diplomacy on their behalf. Pray for Godly wisdom for these weak and frail men. The hearts of these kings are in My hand; pray that I will turn them toward My will. There is much to pray for My loves, My dears, My commanders. The best and safest place for you to be in any conflict, is in the war room praying for a positive outcome in each and every situation.

“This is when you will have the ability and the fortitude to lead others. This is when you will have the kind of faith and trust that, though you or even your loved ones are called to walk through the valley of the shadow of death, you will fear no evil, because I will be with you. Your faith will be grounded firmly in Me‚ the Light and Love of your life.”


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