–not according to what the world thinks or says or does. The Enemy is always trying to get you to conform to the world. But being revolutionary, completely different, separate, doing things My way, is what I need you to be. There are lots of people around telling others that Jesus loves them. But their lives bear testimony against that truth, because of their selfishness, their compromise, their lack of willingness to be My love for others, to live as I lived.

There are so few who are willing to live their lives in sacrifice, who are willing to put aside all of their own desires and preferences except one–the desire to serve Me and love Me and be My face to the world. Your revolutionary heritage is an essential part of My face. Your obedience to Me, your willingness to live dropped out of the System–that’s what makes you what you are. (From “Shooting Straight, Part


They would be those who would preserve the spirit of the Lord‚ the purity of His light, love, power, freedom and revolution upon the Earth, lest the fire in that realm should flicker low and all chance of the King finding faith upon the Earth when He returned burn out completely.



I want you to know that you’re on target with fulfilling your destiny. All that you have been through and endured till now has been a part of My plan, a part of your strengthening, a part of your training. Any mistakes you’ve made along the way have only served to bring you closer to Me and have worked for good in your life. You have been true to your mission‚ and along with Me, your Commander in Chief.

The greatest part of your ministry is coming; it’s just around the corner. You will see that there are no limits to what I can do with men and women who are yielded to Me!” (Fantastic Future!–Promises From The Lord Regarding The Family’s Future!, A  )

Hold on to your heritage, the heritage of the meat of God. Don’t be ashamed of it.

For I consistently pour it forth unto you, and continue to pour it forth in new measure‚ in new strength. For you are they who have accepted My strong Words, who have grown with them, who have obeyed them, who have applied them, who have suffered for them, and who have grown strong because of them. And so do I continue to pour them forth unto you. For there are no others that have this heritage, and no others have proved their willingness to pour them forth, to live them, to stand up for them‚ to be persecuted and mocked for them, who have been willing to say, “I believe them because God has said them!”

Great is your reward in Heaven for your faith to receive, to believe, and to live the Words of God. I am well pleased in you, My children, for your willingness to love Me with all of your heart; that you are willing to love not just with tongue, with words, but in deeds and sacrifice and in willingness to go with Me wherever I go, believing and trusting in My love for you.

(What Is Full-time Discipleship? Part 1)

May 16, 2023…I will give you a mouth and wisdom

Prophecy, Jesus Speaking: “Intercede in prayer for those of My children lost within the world system. Those within the church system are often the more deceived. This is because the light that is in them is, in truth, darkness. These ones are trapped within a system that teaches them that material prosperity is a sign of My blessing. And although in part it is true, the greatest blessing lies within prosperity of spirit, and those that seek after My spiritual blessings receive the reward of faith.  

My Word teaches that a man cannot live by bread alone but by every Word that cometh forth out of the mouth of God. Those that seek after prosperity of spirit are those that dwell in this secret place. These are they that hunger for My person and not My power. These are they that cannot be snared by the Fowler. My Word says that man cannot serve Me and Mammon, for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Whose slave are you? Pray for those snared within the false religion of Churchianity and Mammon worship, for these two are one. Pray that your Keys be turned to swords and cut the cords that bind millions of My children to the worship of the world. Rebuke in the power of the Keys the false pastors and priests of Churchianity. Pray that I cut them off, that they prey no longer on My lost children of Israel. Call My sheep out of the mountains and the high hills where they wander lost. Pray that they become not meat to the beasts of the fields.  Read Ezekiel 34 then pray desperately for these ones.

The Beast has come forth. He hath forsaken his lair, as the lion: for their land is desolate because of the fierceness of the oppressor, and because of his fierce anger. This is his hour and he has ordered his prey to be gathered. There is but a window of time before the door is closed. (end of prophecy)

 Last month Jesus gave us the commission to pray for those of His children lost in Churchianity and Mammon worship. We have been praying daily for their release. The pastors and priests of the false religion of Churchianity, because of their lust for money and worldly prosperity, will lead their flocks into the mouth of the very beast himself. To save themselves and their system these blind guides, the modern scribes and pharisees of the religious world, will require their dumb sheep to take the Mark of the Beast. And if you do not pray, then of course many will follow these wolves in sheep clothing, because they know no other way. These lost sheep are those that Ezekiel prophesies for in the famous dry bones prophecy of Ezekiel 37: 1-10.”

“Hold me right next to You, my Lord and Sovereign, that the touch of our souls can ignite the warmth of a fire that will burn brightly and call others that are lost in the darkness to also come to Your side.”


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