“You are primarily spiritual beings. Right now your spirits are housed in physical bodies and carnal ways. By “carnal ways” I mean that you have a propensity to operate in ways that please your physical existence. For example, if you are hungry and somebody places a nice piece of pie in front of you, even if there are several others around you who are also hungry, the natural inborn tendency of the flesh–your carnal way–is to take that pie for yourself and to eat it. That’s the inborn reaction of the flesh.
That’s why I’ve said that “your ways are not My ways‚ for as the heavens are high above the earth, so are My ways above your ways” (Isa.55:8,9). I am trying to get you to see that there are other ways that are much more important than the carnal, or natural, human, typical reaction ways. There are the ways of the Spirit of God. And as you have often found out, the only things that satisfy your spirit are the ways of the Spirit of God.

Back to our example:

If you grabbed that pie and ate it, your flesh would be satisfied, but your spirit would not be fed and nourished by that act. But if you let another person take it, that act would actually feed your spirit, give it a degree of satisfaction, and actually nourish it and help it to grow. Help it to grow how?–By making it more mature, happier‚ more satisfied, more able to sacrifice for others, etc. Your spirit would grow as a result of that act.
This is a simple illustration, but it illustrates the basic makeup of your being. You are of the earth and therefore earthly, and your bodies need to be taken care of, nourished, kept from harm, and to grow. But you are also of the spirit and spiritual, and your spirits also need to be taken care of, nourished, kept from harm, and to grow.
It is the great test of life, and it all comes down to learning the main lessons of life and of free choice; of seeing if man will choose to grow his spirit and mature spiritually and come to the realization that the eternal world where his spirit lives is what he should devote his time and life to nourishing, or whether he will choose to feed only his body and his flesh‚ which starves his soul.

Man was once more spiritually attuned, and had the right priorities.

But I gave him choice. I gave the Devil control over the carnal world and allowed him to present man with that choice. Man chose, as you know‚ the lust of the flesh‚ the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, and therefore fell from the state of putting the spiritual first‚ to dwell in the carnal, and thus your spirits now dwell in a carnal realm. That’s what being born in the “state of sin” means. Every human born after Adam and Eve was born into the carnal nature, to where their natural propensity is to satisfy their flesh rather than their spirit.
I came and died for you to open a way back into the spiritual nature, but each person has to choose to accept it. Once you choose it‚ once you’ve chosen Me, invited Me into your heart, and accepted My gift of salvation, then where you dwell in the spirit world depends on your further choices. In other words, I’ve opened the door back up to the spiritual state of happiness and complete fulfillment‚ but whether or not you choose to dwell there and how far in it you dwell depends upon your choices.

It’s often hard to really believe that happiness dwells in the spiritual places.

It’s easier to believe that you can get it through carnal means‚ such as taking that piece of pie, or by any number of natural, physical things that you have an inborn human desire for.–Maybe by working for money so you can get any physical things you want, like a car‚ a house‚ a good-looking husband or wife‚ etc. However, you would find in the end that these things did not satisfy you. Why? Because satisfying your flesh or your carnal nature is not the way to satisfy your starving spirit.
So many people are like this. Thousands upon thousands and millions upon millions are searching for happiness, but in all the wrong places. This is what your lives on Earth are all about: finding this door back to true happiness, which is only in the spirit. And for you, My children of David, it’s all about showing others where to find that door, that entrance–Me.
And once you’ve found the doorway, once you’ve opened it and what lies beyond it becomes available to you, the next choice is which direction you’ll follow. You still have that choice! Are you going to go the way of satisfying your spirit, often at the cost of your carnal satisfaction? Or are you going to choose to satisfy your carnal desires, usually at the cost of your spiritual satisfaction?

(Jesus Is Enough [#1187])

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