I want to cement in your hearts that something is about to happen. There are so many coming events to watch for. This is based on many amazing prophecies from Dad.

 (Edited transcript of Podcast “COP27-G20 Summit-World Cup”)

On the MO letter’s alphabetical list in the Infostore, the very first letter is “40 Days and Nineveh Will Be Destroyed”.

And now that we are on that subject, I want to share a letter that Thomas sent me yesterday. Here is a link that he sent with the letter called “Egypt lights up Pyramid for COP 27.” “Egypt lights up the Khafre Pyramid, one of the three ancient pyramids of Giza, as it hosts #COP27, or the United Nations Climate Change Conference.”

These guys are making a very big deal about this. WE MUST ACT NOW! Of course, behind this COP climate change thing is getting rid of lots and lots of people, because they are the problem. What astounds me is that these elites are the ones that started it all with their industrial revolution and all their wars and commerce, so that they could make all their money, and finally control the world through a digital commerce system. It stinks. Now they are saying how bad it all is, and of course the scapegoats are the masses. These rats are sick!

The world is going along with it, not realizing that they are the bacon. Do you know the story of the pig and the hen talking as they walk past the church? The hen says, ‘Lets give all those good church people a breakfast of bacon and eggs.’ The pig says, ‘Yours is only a contribution, but mine is total commitment.’

That is what these sick devils want from the people of the Earth, total commitment. In other words, for this to work, we have to cut the numbers to 500 million people. All these devils gathered there, pumping the adrenaline, getting everyone high.

Some of the leaders even went up to the top of this fake Sinai in Egypt, (the real one is in Saudi Arabia) and had a ritualistic breaking of the Ten Commandments… then apparently wrote another ten commandments in stone, or so I’ve been told.  They gave worship to the Earth, apologizing for all the wrongs they’ve committed on her…weird. Is that animism?

On Mount Sinai

Christine Beadsworth recently said: ‘These people are going to be judged; they are going to fall off the mountain.’ What came to my mind when I heard this was the verse where Jesus said that this generation would not be given a sign but that of the prophet Jonah, which is only a warning… and has already been given.  (Matthew 16:4) And what Jesus said really does go along with the verse that says that He is going to come as a thief in the night; nobody will know. They were eating and drinking until the day that Noah entered into the Ark and the flood took them away. Two women grinding at the mill, the one taken the other left. And I am sure you can think of other verses that describe what is going to happen to this generation of unbelievers. This generation has had the prophets from all ages warning them of what is to come. Modern day Nineveh hasn’t and won’t repent. In fact, they are getting worse; they are becoming more and more blasphemous.

There might not be fire from heaven as a sign, but there are things happening; this COP Summit is a great amazing sign. They all think they are right, and that they have control of the Earth. Some of their speeches are absolutely gross; ‘We the people are going to save the planet.’ God couldn’t, which they don’t say, of course, but it won’t be long before they will start openly blaspheming Him. Man in his self-righteousness, his self-righteous character, I don’t have words for it.

Now that was sent by Thomas and along with it came a letter with some quite serious words.

Thomas: “Turn your eyes toward Memphis, Egypt, warning tract 1965. Has the 80 days started? Apparently, there where two ceremonies going on at the COP Summit. The one climate worship ceremony and another one, of the global Satanists, a crowning ceremony of someone, the AC.?”

Now I’ve not heard about that ceremony. Lisa tried to look it up; but maybe it was all behind the scenes?

Thomas: “(In 1922, King Tut’s tomb was a big thing, something Dad had mentioned as “The springing up of great evil in the Earth.” Now recently, they have found in Egypt, the mother lode of tombs, full of evil and all this Egyptian hocus pocus evil, which is now coming into our world.)”

Yes, fancy choosing Egypt at this time with all its pyramids.

Thomas: “Could the October “Book Burning” be Daniel 12:7b “When he shall have accomplished to scatter the power of the holy people, all these things shall be finished”??(opened the door for the AC ?)”

This is what we brought out in the blog “The Last Church and Last Covenant” on November 20. We’ve said it straight on the blog, that this is, we believe, the last covenant. We believe this is what Jesus has been waiting for; we are the last church and we just broke the covenant that was made with Him, the Words of David. 

Thomas: “Is it possible that the Nov. 13 COP Summit (Nov. 12 in America) goes with the 80 days prophecy?”

If you go to the MO letter, “40 Days and Nineveh will be Destroyed”, the very first date you see, it’s at the top, and part of the title, is 12 November. That is the date that jumped at me when I was reading this letter many months ago now. And here is Thomas talking about it right now. Let’s go back to Thomas.

Thomas: November 13 plus 40 days= Dec. 23, (Birthday Surprise prophecy) plus 40 days= Feb 1st, end of 80 days.

September 24, 2022–as usual

Jesus speaking: The enemy is a liar and is always trying to usurp My authority. I’ve indicated to you that this year 2022 will be the year of change, and that it is a Key to 2023. In David’s letter “40 Days and Nineveh will be destroyed” as well as some other Endtime letters, I have also indicated that you should keep your eye on November and that I would be doing something special on My birthday this year. It is I who sets the times and seasons. It is I who turned back the dial on the day that Hezekiah, My servant, sought Me for help. It is I who struck the harp of David that set in motion the events that you are now witnessing all around the world and it is I whom the Devil continually attempts to make a liar out of. He is the one who tries to change the times and seasons which I have set. If you listen to him, then you will be led astray and off the straight and narrow path. He is leading the world into a trap; that is his plan and purpose. Keep your ears to My lips, strain if you must, to hear My whispers, and be sure that if you seek Me in all your ways, I will be to thee a strong and powerful Lighthouse in the time of storm. This is My Word to you, My prophets: if you choose to follow the fear mongering of the prophets and seers of this world, then you will be always looking over your shoulder. Fear not, is what My Word says to you. It says that I, your Jesus, will reveal My secrets to you, My servants. I have given dreams and visions in preparation for things to come. It is up to you to believe and trust that it is I who sent these warnings, signs and signals. If you believe, trust, obey and follow, then I have to bless and keep you. I love you, you are Mine, and it is My promise to care for My own. Keep coming to Me when you hear rustling in the leaves of the trees of this world. Come to Me and I will tell you what is up and what is down. I will not lie unto My Children of David, for you are obedient children. You are those who have separated yourselves from the affairs of this life and given your lives in service to Me and My Kingdom. I promise you; I will not lead you astray.”(end of prophecy excerpt)

Here are some excerpts of these ‘pump fear sessions’…

MB: And that is what this COP thing is all about: we are going to die! We are going to burn up and we are going to do that and this is going to happen, blah, blah, blah, floods etc… you should hear them going on and on and on. It is nothing but an injection of fear. Why? Why does it work on the people of the earth? Because they don’t read their Bible; the Bible doesn’t say that at all. The Bible says that Jesus Christ is coming back, that’s what the Bible says. Well, it does say that one third of mankind will die and that all the green grass will burn up. But why? Because of man’s wickedness. But these COP devils are saying, ‘We are going to save the world’. But Jesus says, I’m going to save the world. I’m going to come back or else no one will survive what these demons are going to bring on the Earth. I’m the One. They are saying, ‘No, we the people are’. They have all these freaks up there spouting off all this stuff.

Lisa has something that I’d like to share with you here.

Lisa: Yes, it’s quite simple. They push their global warming fears to push their economic agenda and have everyone vaccinated, and of course their vax is fully loaded. It just shows you how stupid they think the masses are, and they are pretty much right. Honestly, anyone that would just take a vaccine because a politician says to do it, is not very smart. So this is what they are saying and it needs to be done now; it has to happen now. This is absolutely against the Word of God. Jesus is going to come back and save the world, not these freaks who want to save it by killing everyone with their vaccination.

MB: And of course, you know whom they are blaming for all of this: Christians! What do Christians have to do with global warming? Well, some Christians don’t believe in global warming. Some Christian school books teach that it is a hoax. So Christians are interfering with this agenda. We also don’t believe in the UN and we don’t believe in their Mark of the Beast and we don’t believe in their vaccination. We don’t believe in anything they are doing. Why? Because they are not children of God; they are children of the Devil. They are of the synagogue of Satan, and their plan ultimately is to destroy this planet. You can see how hypocritical they are, or I should say, how blind they are to not know whom they are following. But most importantly, they want to destroy the people, the temple, where the Holy Spirit of God lives, the heart of man. Again, their blindness stems from their lack of knowledge of God’s Word.

And if you don’t receive the Mark and don’t worship the Devil in your heart, which is what he wants, then he will kill you. He is not going to be interested in some earthly temple. He wants worship from the heart, just like Jesus does, that is what Jesus pretty much demands. So that’s their plan, the sooner everyone wakes up, the sooner they will begin telling those around them, which after all, is our job. We are Jeremiahs.

So we have Thomas writing this very interesting letter talking about these things. And it is starting to line up with the forty days! 

Thomas: Dec. 23, (Birthday Surprise prophecy) plus 40 days= Feb 1st, end of 80 days. 1260 meters (days)–Could the days be shortened to hours?  1260 divided by 24 =52.5 days of 24 hours.  But if you go by ancient times of 12-hour days, the 1260 hours would =105 days.  The Book Burning of October 19 +105 days =Feb. 1st.

So Thomas is almost there. What I like about Thomas is that he doesn’t give up. He’s convinced that we are really at the end. I’m not completely convinced because a lot of the prophecies are saying that this is the beginning of the Tribulation. And it does seem that we have to go through some heavy purgings yet. All the same, the ball has begun rolling.

Thomas: Well, as it was said, the first date in “40 Days and Nineveh will be Destroyed” is November 12th, and Dad goes on to say that it has something to do with 21st of some month. It either begins on the 21st or it ends on the 21st ,of course, it will be its brightest between November 21st and January the 21st.

Comment: Maybe that is when all those weird things in the Bible are going to happen: locusts etc.

Maybe… we are still guessing, right? But the interesting thing about this COP summit is that it started on November 13th or November 12th in America, and by adding seven days to that, you end on the 20th of November. So something could happen on the 21st “but really from December 11 to January 21, is the main course of the comet, or either December the 21st.” So keep your eyes on the Birthday Promise Prophecy…we know Jesus never fails.

Comment: Don’t forget “Alice and the Cards” ONE WEEK! …Mystical Bible keeps pulling things out of the air as if by magic.

The picture here in the 40 Days letter is of a big war, Egypt, Israel, America, Russia. Did you notice that Putin wasn’t at the COP, neither was he at the G20. But Putin did give a speech in Kazaria, very recently. You know where Kazaria is, right? They create Kazaria by putting Kazakhstan and Ukraine together and making the city of Astana the capital. That is where that fake pyramid is, the man-made one. We have a blog about that. So keep on prophesying; keep on hearing from the Lord. He’s not going to fail.

Comment: You know how these elites bring distraction-type news when big things like this are happening? Well, do you know what is starting this Sunday? The World Cup.

What a perfect event to muddy the waters whilst these devils go about their dirty business. Of course these events are all timed and set. “Everyone go back to sleep, entertain yourselves so you don’t have to think about all this and wake up!” God forbid.

Comment: When I was thinking about the World Cup, the movie “Flushed Away” came to mind. In that movie, they staged the World Cup at the same time in order to flood the whole rat world. And at half time is when they did it…look at that, in the midst. Do you remember the part where that crazy old rat prophet was warning everyone that the flood would come, but no one believed him?

The audacity of these elites to put a movie like “Flushed Away” in our faces, which implies that the masses are a bunch of rats and they are going to just flush them all away, just like what happened in Noah’s flood. Did you know that the 17th of October, in the Hebrew calendar, is the day that Noah actually entered the Ark and the door was closed? That God-damned false prophet Harari said sometime back that the technocrats will be the ones in the Ark and the rest will be swept away and will drown. Keep an eye on the World Cup final half time; we are in the midst of the week.

In the cartoon “Flushed Away” the ones that were after the rats were frogs, and the verse that comes instantly to mind is Revelation 16:13 “And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet. For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty”.

It does seem these devils try to follow the Bible in an attempt to make people think that they are the ones behind the miracles, or something like that…not sure I’ve said that correctly, but still, they are up to some trickery. One last thing before closing, regarding the 40 Days letter. When Noah goes into the Ark, it rained for 40 Days and 40 Nights. This time it will be fire. Now it is time to “Be still and know that I am God.”

Matthew 16:1-4 “The Pharisees also with the Sadducees came, and tempting desired him that he would shew them a sign from heaven. He answered and said unto them, When it is evening, ye say, It will be fair weather: for the sky is red. And in the morning, It will be foul weather to day: for the sky is red and lowering. O ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky; but can ye not discern the signs of the times? A wicked and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given unto it, but the sign of the prophet Jonas. And he left them, and departed.”

USED Flushed away



“That God damned false prophet Harari said some time back that the technocrats will be the ones in the Ark and the rest will be swept away and drown. Keep an eye on the World Cup final half-time. We are in the midst of the week.”

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