All prophecies were received in 2022.

There is a time just before a storm hits when everything goes quiet. The birds stop singing as they draw themselves deeper under their feathers. The animals have already found a safe place of refuge or have gone deeper into their dens or underground. These are the wise ones of God’s creation; these are those that discern the signs of the times. These are they that know calamity or earthquake is about to hit, so move out of harm’s way or prepare in such a way to avoid the worse of what is about to hit.

Man, on the other hand, is often oblivious to impending disaster; he fails to read the signs and discern the face of the sky. It is his pride that blinds him. He refuses to listen to the prophets that God sends. He feels that he has a handle on the situation, and unlike the birds and animals, he has tied himself to a place or thing and will not leave it until it is too late or not at all. (July)


The world isn’t ready for what is about to happen. Their senses have been dulled, and they’ve gone put their money on the red corner (Communism?). But you, My brides, are made of wiser stuff. You’ve been drinking from the fountains of David and David’s juice is a heavenly elixir prepared specifically for this last round. Your senses are not dulled. You have not been stupefied by the Devil’s lying wonders, his promises and deceit. Manipulated by money, poisoned by vaccines, blinded by cheap jewelry and trinkets, stricken with fear and doped by their false religions, the masses are now firmly in the hands of the usurper. Having turned their backs on their true Savior, they are slaves to the dragon’s will. From “Supers to Serfs” they have no will of their own.” (October)


The people have their eyes on the world and its trinkets, and they want them. But as you know, I am about to rip out the pillows from those that sit at ease in Zion, those that think their life is all planned out and so they can just go on business as usual. The church, the pastors, their followers, and the politicians who go on their greedy, merry way – are all going to come to the door this year –the door to hell that is. This country is about to take a serious turn for the worse, so hold on, beloved of God. Hold onto Me; strap yourselves to My back and wrap your arms around my chest or neck or anywhere that feels safe. I won’t let you go –if you don’t let go. You have very little time left before the implosion. You have never seen a house standing on sand and helplessly watched the ocean waves eat away at what had seemed to be safe ground before the storm.

Now that safe ground is only a matter of a few meters, yet the waves and the wind and the rain continue to eat away the remaining meters mercilessly until suddenly the foundation’s concrete has been exposed to reveal only sand underneath it. By the following morning, the house is slipping down the slope and into the angry waves. The world is at the “slipping down the slope stage,” and within a few hours, the house is going to be swallowed up by the storm swell and will be no more.

When the owners of this house first purchased their dream home, they never even conceived that the few hundred meters of sand and grass could  disappear – vanish into thin air. But it has, and now all they have invested in has been dragged away by an angry and violent sea. As good church-going Christians, they read My Word, but never really took those hard sayings to heart. They never applied that parable where I spoke about this very event happening to those unwise virgins, yet here they stand watching their very lives fall into the sea of tribulation. Can you imagine? Can you picture yourself standing on the windswept shoreline witnessing this scene I am painting? Well, it can and will happen if you fail to put Me and My Word first and foremost in your life. If you put one thing above these principles, then you are investing in a house built on sand and grass. (September)


Have you ever seen a mountain collapse during torrential rain? Have you been in an earthquake and watched the earth ripple and quiver as if it was made of jello? This is what is about to happen this year, 2022, to the markets and financial mountains built by man. This is not a warning to prepare for what is coming; this is a statement that it is now upon you. It is about to give way. If your faith and lives are tied to the men and systems of this world, then you will be buried in the momentous slide of mud as it gives way under the weight of lies and false props and promises. (July)


666 is a computerized, cashless banking system; it simply cannot work if cash is available. So yes, the crash is yet to come, and it is still a primary means by which the Antichrist will promote his new cashless society. As I have spoken through the years, both through your Father David and through the mouths of many prophets, so shall it be. (June)


The time of temptation has begun for many in this world; it is gaining momentum and nothing but My will can contain it. Yet I have not come to contain it; I have come to let it loose upon the world of unbelieving man, that they may be made accountable and that My children may pass through their hour of temptation and be tried and made white in the fire. (April)


Yes, My dearest dears, the time of temptation has come upon the world. The door to the Great Tribulation stands before you, and you hold the right Key in your hand. Look up and see what number is on the door…22. Now look and see what you hold in your hand, the Key of David!

So come, My brides, leave the world and its worldliness, the froth and bubble of a useless and empty future. Pop, it goes as I prick it with the pin of 22! Poof go the plans of man and Satan. Why piddle in that puddle that is left on the floor? Why weep over a burst bubble, a mere trifle that is so easily blown away by the winds of change. Can you feel it blowing? The spirit is moving. The wild wind of My spirit is blowing, and it will build as this door fully opens. No man can shut what the Key of David has opened. No man or god can undo or bind what has been loosed by the Keys of the Kingdom. No man can stop those that hold the Keys in their tiny hands. They have opened the door of 22, and the winds of My will are pushing hard against it. (September)


Gross darkness has come into the world and strong delusion and gross darkness on the people of the world. That includes Christians who still think they can live in the world and in My spiritual kingdom at the same time. I have told My children for thousands of years to come out of her and not partake of her delicacies. Those that have listened and come out of her in spirit are those that will be strong and do exploits in the days just ahead. Those that still dabble in the darkness in any way, will be swallowed by the darkness. Everyone must turn their backs on the world and fully face the light now. (August)


Yes, My loves, 2022 is the year of My arrival, not to escort you out of this world, for that time has not yet come, but it is My year of reprisal against many, but not all, of My enemies. The dominoes will begin to fall faster this year; they will be more apparent in their falling, more forceful. (July)


Yes, the Tribulation is indeed about to begin. The floodgate is open and you are seeing the Final Key beginning its roll to the final day. Gargantuan, unstoppable, crushing all opponents foolish enough to obstruct its path, the Final Key is overwhelming; it is the Word of God (Jesus), the Key of the End. It is fulfillment of all that has been promised; it is the very voice of God. Use its power to plough through all resistance; it is endued with Blue power from the very powerhouse of God. A great shout has gone up; a war cry has been composed for this hour. If you wish, we can recite it to you or someone there who is willing to listen to the chant of the warriors of heaven as they charge into battle.

The Final Key is picking up speed, like a train leaving the station, but not any old station. This is Tribulation station; there is confusion all around, and things are not normal. The conductor is already on board and all tickets have been bought, but nonetheless there are those that see their chance to grab hold of the moving train and to be pulled aboard by its thrust toward the End.

The enemy cannot stop this colossus, any more than he can stop the Son rising. His time of evil is coming to a close. The winter months are receding as the Word of God booms out his defeat. He will send his maddening troops into the final fray, but he cannot stop the dawn of this new era. It is finished, but not yet quite over…the final push to victory.

This time of Passover will not end with the death of Jesus, but will end with the death of Satan and his foul attempt at defeating the Word of God.” (April)*


(Angelic message:) I’m going to paint a picture for you so that you will understand what is to befall you. Things are tightening up more and more, and it’s apparent that the “evil men and seducers” will gain the upper hand, for a while at least. Those who are not playing on the side of the opposition will “tend to poverty”. You can’t get a bank account unless you pledge your allegiance to the one world order, and this will have to be updated and approved on a regular basis, based on your “merits” and playing the game according to their rules, or out you go. “Fend for yourselves, but we aren’t going to ‘aid and abet’ those who are disloyal to the cause. Out! before we throw you out in a more permanent way,” they will say with their actions.

So be prepared for a lack of a stable income, at least what can be tracked online. And take care that you seek the scriptures and the words of prophecy on how to act when things really do shut down for the Lord’s people. You’ll want to know where the exit is, when you get fired, so to speak.

And don’t worry about loss of income. It’s not a problem, just the next grade of learning to harness greater faith. You’ve had faith for finances—that is for the supply of them when you needed it; but next it’s learning to have faith when finances might not even be a part of the equation, and still zig-zag and survive in these days to come. So gird on the weapon of prophecy, for that most certainly will guide you in the way you are to go.” (April)


The days of great tribulation are almost upon you, My loves, those days when you will have nothing to stand on but Me. Are you ready? Are you prepared in heart? You are if you believe that I am all you have, that there are no other alternatives, and even if there were, you would still trust Me over them anyway. When the cut-off comes, which it surely will, there will be a line drawn, a division so clear, so well defined, it will be unmistakable. Then you will have to choose, then you will see that the road back is no longer a road but a drop-off. I am testing you now, with little choices, small decisions and with each one you make you are either strengthening your connection with Me and My Word or you are allowing the enemy to weaken that connection.

The hour has come, the hour of darkness, the hour of temptation that My Word has spoken of since the beginning of time. The world is at its lowest ebb, the tide of man’s faith in Me is at its lowest point since Satan first began his attack on My plan for man. The serpent is about to strike; the hammer is about to come down hard, and any undecided, any that still remain caught between two decisions, will be blown like the chaff of the summer threshing floor. Only those that are standing on My Word alone will stand. (July)

2022 is the kick-off-year for the Great Tribulation…so prepare in spirit and flesh for this event.


2022 The Pivotal Year

I give this untoward generation no sign but the sign of Jonah. As Jonah was three nights in the belly of the whale, so is the world about to fall into great darkness.

USED Flushed away


The elites have already mapped out your future, and it isn’t pretty, but don’t worry there’s plenty of entertainment to keep you away from thinking about it too much.





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  1. God bless you all.What really caught my attention was that you have all the MLs!!!! Please keep going there are many out here that follow what Jesus is

    1. Thank you Jesus, the purpose of the Reboot is being fulfilled, to follow the Words and not the leader. GBY for your note, we are praying for you xxx

  2. ‘The Tribulation is about to begin.’ No, there are certain scenarios that much transpire first. Now, if your meaning is otherwise & not The Great Tribulation, the 3 1/2 yr period before Jesus’s return, that’s different. I suggest you clarify the timeline of these events. GBY. Preach the Word. Amen

    1. Hi, thanks for responding again. In 2020 Jesus revealed to us through reading the series of letters written by Dad, called “It Can Happen this Year 1992” that many of the events in that series would be replicated in 2022, thus making it the guidepost He wanted us to follow. We decided to share this good news with others on our blog. There are now 900 blogs written over a two year period, many of which explain how Jesus led us to the conclusion that the tribulation (last 3 and a half years is indeed about to or has already begun. If you are interested in learning more about our findings please go to our category or index page and freely browse. We believe that many of the “scenarios” that main stream Christianity is waiting for has already been fulfilled or will not happen or if they do happen it will be too late, which is precisely the enemy’s plan…to deceive the very elect.

    2. Hi Madi and Stephen.GBY,I am on the classes,and following Jesus every day. I was translating into Spanish but found Where you can get them in Spanish. My name is Maria Curaçao, and dear Madi opened the door for me 😉 I’m living in Holland right now, but have much contact w/the brethren in Spain. GBY ALL.MUCH LOVE IN JESUS’NAME!!!

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