Whilst browsing our blogs for information about the Khazarian conflict (Ukraine), I came across an amazing confirmation regarding the blogs we did on “The Family” being deeply implicated in the breaking of the covenant of Daniel 9:27. The blog that sums it up is called the “Last Church and Last Covenant“. 

So during my search on the Khazarian conflict, I came across the blogs Snow White and the Seven Signs (June 26, 2022) and Snow White and Putin (June 27, 2022) and in those blogs Jesus is talking about three very important events that were going to happen in 2022: First of all there would be a shake up coming within the ranks of the Children of David; there would be a birthday surprise, which would give the ACs a shake up, and there would be a very important event that would fall on a certain month and date.

Following are excerpts taken from “Snow White and the Seven Signs”:

[Note: November of this year, 2022; the impression I got is that Jesus is trying to tell us that the events in DO 2501 are about to unfold. Upon seeing the month November, I was once again reminded of the letter,“40 Days and Nineveh Will Be Destroyed.” In that letter November was the first month mentioned, then 3 times after that. I truly believe that November this year (2022) is very significant and perhaps the last chance for anyone still considering or wondering about all that is going on in the world. The Words of David are shouting at us to warn others and make plans for tribulation. Wake up, dear Children of David. Wake up and tell others that the end is about to unfold.] See PODCAST “Snow White and the 7 Signs”.


I have told you that I reveal My secrets unto My servants, yet at the same time.  I also hide the truth from My enemy. I hide My precious veins of truth in the deep recesses of My Kingdom, but always there is a fleck of truth left uncovered for those who are searching and seeking for the hidden treasures of darkness. This letter #280 is one of those flecks of gold that will lead you to the prize. Don’t despair; as you go deeper, you find bigger flecks and an occasional small nugget…the mother lode is close.


40 DAYS!”And Nineveh Shall Be Destroyed! (Jonah 3:4)–MO November 12, 1973 GP No.280

–For when they shall cry, “Peace, peace!”–then cometh sudden destruction! (1Thes 5:3)

  1. IT HAS SOMETHING TO DO WITH THE 21st (OF SOME MONTH). It either begins on the 21st or it ends on the 21st. Of course it’ll be at its brightest…

*At the time “Snow White and the Seven Signs” was written, I had the strong impression that Jesus was pointing out November and the 21st, yet at the same time I was not given any definite lead as to why.

So as I was re-reading the blog “Snow White and the Seven Signs”, especially the excerpts from “40 Days and Nineveh will be Destroyed” I began wondering what blog we put out in November, but especially the 21st because that was the day that has impressed me so much. Well it so happens that It was “What Happened to The Family when Peter and Maria stopped recognizing the divine authority of the Words of David?” And the day before that blog was the “Last Church and Last Covenant

Now if you think that was mystical, then what happened next is even more amazing or what I would call a double confirmation that these dates and events are real to life so we’d better believe that Jesus is literally shouting to us to take notice.

This is what happened next…Whilst writing this blog tonight I again went back to re-read the blog “Snow White and the Seven Signs”, I was especially interested in the excerpts from the MO letter 40 Days #280. Dad was talking about a warning of eighty days…forty days for us and forty days to warn the world. Quote: “JESUS GIVE US TIME TO GET MESSAGE “AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS!”That’s good title, huh? Got to get the message out “Around the World in 80 days!” We have 80 days. The world only has 40, but we have 80. 40 and 40 makes 80.”

So whilst reading the above quote,  the thought came to me, “I wonder what date I would land on if I counted 80 days from November 20th…(the date the “Last Church and Last Covenant” was published). And here’s the second confirmation…80 days from November 20, 2022 is February 8, 2023! That is the publishing date of this blog you are reading now!

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“I believe that the breaking of this final covenant that was given to the last church, is the Holy Covenant which is underpinned in code in the Book of Daniel. I also believe that this breaking was timed to unfold at the middle of the last seven years. To clarify, the covenant of the Antichrist is a unholy covenant, a counterfeit. It is what the world sees and understands, but a much more important covenant that runs parallel to the AC covenant is the covenant that God has made with His bride.” (“Last Church and Last Covenant“)

In Conclusion

What is Jesus trying to show us through this amazing double confirmation? Initially, as it is obvious, Jesus is highlighting a pivotal Endtime event, the breaking of the covenant that signifies the last three and a half years of man’s rule before Jesus’ triumphant return to earth. After all, preaching about the Endtime and heralding Jesus’ return is what the Children of David have dedicated their lives to. For those who cannot possibly imagine that an insignificant little blog out of Africa could be the herald of such a portentous event, then cast your minds back to Luke 2:8 and read how God uses the foolish things of this world to warn the wise and prudent.

Since the Reboot, the Children of David have wandered far and wide in search of truth. Many have wandered into New Age, some to pastors and priests that know only a fraction of what was passed onto these very ones through the words of David and Maria. They drink from cracked and broken cisterns that hold, at best, brackish water and in some cases pure poison. Some have wandered off the path altogether and are now so entangled in the affairs of the world, that they may never, in this life, find their way back.

To those that do follow these blogs but still do not see the writing on the wall, then please retrace your steps. These blogs were not produced by us but by the Holy Spirit in an attempt to bring as many of the Children of David back to their birthright and destiny before it is too late. The blog “Last Church and Last Covenant” is the culmination of a series of dreams and warnings to us, David’s children. They are telling us that we are close; the world is close. The very end is upon us. I do not believe that we are the only ones seeing these signs. There are wise men out there that have witnessed the star. Please do all you can to tell others what the Lord must be showing you in the many hours of prayer and Word time that you spend by His side. We love you.

As best as we can ascertain, we believe this is the list on the little doggy line that leads to the “Last Church and Last Covenant”.

  1. “Dream of God’s Thundering…Part 2”
  2. Dream of God’s Thundering Part 3
  3. The Key of David, the Master Key
  4. Laodicean Age 2 Peter 2:22
  5. The World Will Never Be the Same Again
  6. And Except Those Days Be Shortened
  7. A New Millennium Awaits Us
  8. We Are That Almond Tree
  9. A Book Burning a Sign of the End
  10. March on Strong
  11. This Shrinking Time Business Part 1
  12. The Remnant Arising and Shining
  13. The Dual Layered Covenant
  14. The Second Layer of Daniel 9:27
  15. Last Church and Last Covenant
  16. What Happened to the Family

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