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This is what you are here for –lessons. Hard lessons, small lessons, big lessons. This is what this Earth Life is all about, learning. It’s not about having it easy. It’s about struggling, overcoming, and fighting. It’s about finding that I am truly enough for you, that all the rest is unnecessary, that it doesn’t have a hold in your heart, that you could forsake it all again and again just for Me. It’s not that I want to make you suffer; that’s just what happens when the flesh doesn’t get what it wants. I’m trying to grow your spirit and teach it to find the place where real happiness, real joy, real satisfaction is –Me. I’m going to give you all these things in Heaven, and hopefully by then you will have learned to be happy without them. You can have all these things –I created them for you– but I want you to learn that I am your joy, not these things. If I am not first place in your heart, then all these things will not satisfy you; no, not even Heaven. But if I am first place, then you can experience all that I have to offer in the right mindset and spirit. If you think you can’t live without something, then that thing is first place in your heart. So I bring you along, one step at a time, and show you slowly that you can live without that thing. Your spirit and mind need to be shown these things; they need to learn by experience. I need to prove you — both to Me and to you. And when you reach Heaven? Your love for Me will have grown into a great and mighty tree that won’t be blown about by every desire or goodie. You will be planted in Me and will be able to forsake all for Me, knowing that I am enough, because it was proven to you on Earth. (End of prophecy)

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Focused Prayer (Mar. 09)

“There is no physical or spiritual weakness that the keys cannot overcome. Call on the keys if you are shy, and you will be bold. Call on the keys if you have difficulty speaking, and you will speak with supernatural anointing. Call on the keys if you
get nervous, and you will have the calm of Christ. Call on the keys if you go blank in your mind, and My Words will come through immediately. Call on the keys if you feel intimidated, and you will be given command of your surroundings and
will not be affected by them.”


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