The River of Your Soul

Out of your belly shall flow rivers of living water.

“I see a vision of a book; I presume it’s a Bible because it is black. It’s representative of the Word of God. It’s sitting on this long slim table and is snuggled between two other objects: I can’t see or remember what they are. Out of the book are growing three beautiful, broad leaves about as wide as  banana leaves but not as long. The leaves are a beautiful light green color.”

“These leaves are for the healing of the nations. They come forth out of the River of Life; My Word is the River of Life and it flows throughout creation. (Revelation 22) My Word is light, and it lighteth every man that comes into this world. All of creation is touched with this light. (John 1:9) My Word cleans, refreshes and brings life to all that imbibe its life-giving flow. It flows from the very throne of God and is the source of all knowledge. It heals and  regenerates. It creates and recreates. It is given freely to all men, and without it, life would cease to exist . Just as My rain falls from the heavens to refresh and replenish My physical creation, so does My Word fall on all men and creatures; it touches everything, including the earth itself. It falls on the souls of men and angels, both good and degenerate.

My Word comes fresh and clean from the heart of God. It is poured out in abundance; its flow never ceases and never fails. Like My rain, it is poured forth in order that the old and dead might bud again. It has given its fruit, lost its leaves and passed through a time of winter, yet spring has arrived again. My Word comes forth to bring to life the seed that has lain dormant in the cold earth. My Word is both the soil and the seed; it is the sower and the rain; it is the sunshine and the wind. It is everything.

My Word is also the only substance that will bring back to life this dead, dying and poisoned world. Satan and his followers have used My Word to twist and distort. Yes, My Word can be used by those of darkened minds and hearts. Those whose motives are not Godly but selfish, many who call themselves pastors, priests and men of God have used My Word for self and for gain, killing the seed and making it of none effect. These are the unclean, the corrupt and the false teachers and shepherds; these are the wolves, those that call themselves My children, but are not, but are instead of the synagogue of Satan. They are corrupt in all their ways, just as their father is corrupt in all his ways. These sons of Belial have used My Word to corrupt the earth and its rivers and seas and atmosphere. They have turned its purpose and created swamps and deserts and polluted whole seas and oceans. They have taken a living, breathing, vibrant creation and turned it into a world of plastic, steel, concrete, noise and pollution; a dead thing. The men of commerce have raped the earth, and the false shepherds and politicians have corrupted  the hearts and minds of man. And all they know is war; it is in their minds and in their hearts.

My Word is seeking clean hearts, clean minds, those that are pure in heart, those that have clean conduits to pour forth clean living Waters upon the hearts of men. First there must come a cleansing, a purging of the filth that has accumulated and clogged the arteries of this world. I need conduits, open, receptive, clean pipes in which to pour the cleansing Water of My Word into the veins and arteries and capillaries of this dying world. If you are willing, if you are ready, I will raise you up as My channels, My mouthpieces, those that I will pour My Solvent through, My cleansing agent. I want those that will not stop the flow, but will instead take away the stop cock, throw away the cork and be My open-ended pipes. 

I have called you; each one of you has been given a destiny, a purpose. I have poured the Waters of David and Maria into your vessels. I have asked you to receive My Old Wine; I have asked you to drink deeply of My New Wine. I have given you My angels and those of your brethren to help nurture you and to bring you up in My ways. I have filled you daily with fresh seed; I have watered it and nourished it; that in My time you may bring forth more fruit. You are My chosen vessels. I have chosen you to stand as My front line, My warriors, those that I will use to begin the rebirth of this almost dead planet and its people. You are those that will play a major role in eventually driving Satan and his filth from off the face of this earth, those that will lead the world into the new millennium. All you have to do is say yes. Yield to what I’m doing, and I will do everything else. I will purge this world of its weeds; I will burn the hay and stubble and weeds and tares. I will prepare the new field and those that will labor in the upcoming new millennium. I will distribute the new millennial seeds, and you and I will go out to sow it; but this time on good ground: receptive hearts and minds. This world will start again, a fresh start. We will choose a good plot to begin again, and from there it will grow and grow and grow until such a time that the final harvest arrives. We will once again purge and gather the tares, weeds, thistles and thorns to be burned; but this time for good and forever. (Revelation 20: 7-10) Then My beloved laborers, sowers, waterers and reapers, we will rest from our labors and look out upon our creation and discuss future plans and ideas and about new worlds to conquer and to plant and to sow and nurture.

john 7:38

“My Word is seeking clean hearts, clean minds, those that are pure in heart, those that have clean conduits to pour forth clean, living Waters upon the hearts of men. First there must come a cleansing, a purging of the filth that has accumulated and clogged the arteries of this world.”



“The Reboot”

We are entering epic times. The Devil is close, very close to losing his place on earth. The Son of Righteousness is to rise with healing in His wings. Are you ready? Put off the old and embrace the new. Reboot your life drink in the New Wine today.






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