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Synonyms for shorten = Minimize, Curtail, Lessen, Compress, Cut Down, Reduce…

During the production of our last two blogs, The Seven Trumpets of Tribulation and And Michael Stood Up, the verse Matthew 24:22, and except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened…took on a completely different meaning than what I’d been previously taught.

The Bible teaches us that the great tribulation is 1,260 days long, yet due to the wording in Matthew 24:22 “those days shall be shortened”, I naturally enough thought that somehow Jesus was going to shorten those days –How, I had no idea. Still, it is very hard to get around the fact that the Bible specifies 1,260 days and in another place 42 months as being the length of the Great Tribulation. I think the best interpretation of that verse is that perhaps He would shorten the days in our minds; similar to how sometimes a week or month can go by, yet it seems as if no time at all has passed.

Anyway, here is what occurred to me when praying about our responsibility as prayer warriors during the Great Tribulation. If 1,260 days is immovable, then perhaps it’s not about shortening of the days but the shortening (limiting, minimizing, cutting back, curtailing…etc.) of Satan’s destructive power during those days of tribulation. Because of the elect’s prayers, Satan’s intention to destroy the whole earth is curtailed. By going back over the two blogs mentioned above, you’ll get an understanding of how I reached this conclusion, but to repeat myself once again: At the end of the 1,260 days, Satan and his fallen angels (except for short period at the end of the Millennium) are going to hell for a very long time.  His attempt to destroy the plan of God has failed and he is raging mad. (Revelation 12:12). So with the defiant demeanor of a spoiled child he says, “If I can’t have the world, then no one can!” and in his rage and great wrath, sets about to destroy all flesh and as much of the earth as he can before he is thrown into the bottomless pit.

And here is a major reason why Jesus has given us the Keys of the Kingdom and impressed on us the importance of honing the new weapons He’s given us.

Matthew 24:22 (Revised) And except those days of Satan’ wrath be minimized, there shall no flesh be saved. But for the sake of the elect’s Key-powered prayers, his destructive wrath is minimized.

“So, dear Christians that believe standing up and fighting the elites and their “system” with the arm of the flesh is the way forward, you do err. Prayer is the most powerful weapon in the universe. “Stand back and see Me fight” is the command from Jesus in these Endtime days. Cursed be man who trusteth in man, and who maketh flesh his arm. It is prophesied in Revelation 19 that Jesus will come and destroy Satan and his hordes of demons in the end of days. So be still. Pray and know that He is God. For the kingdoms of man are about to fall and be replaced by the everlasting Kingdom of God.”