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“Obedience has gotten you thus far, and it will take you all the way to the end of days. Don’t look at the conditions, at what you think should be happening according to what your Lover has shown you or revealed to you thus far. Just know that when it is time to jump to the next square, He will be there to help you up and over any obstacle that you ask Him to help you climb, jump or fly over. If you are faithful to pray, then He will be faithful to give you all the help He knows you will need to make the step or leap across that canyon before you. The wilderness isn’t all cream and cookies. It is a difficult place to traverse, and there are monsters out there. We should know. This is our territory; this is where we fight the enemy every day and night. Just hearing that should put your heart to rest. This is our stomping ground and we know every canyon and gully and mountain and hideaway and oasis where the rivers of rest run secretly through the hidden crevice or ravine. We can lead you to each one if you call on us and listen to us at every turn. There is no turning back now, no retreat back into the world of men. That is where that volcano is that you dreamed of the other night. That is where the collapse is happening. Why would you go back and end up like Lot’s wife? Forward is the only way to go now. Keep calling to those around you and to those behind you and to those that hesitate at the river’s edge. The only way you can help them is to keep calling. Helping them physically and spiritually is our job. That is why you call on us; only we have the spiritual know-how to help them into those boats and only we can steer those boats across the river to the other side, but they do have to make the effort and take the step of faith to climb into the waiting boats. If you can call out to them from your side of the Jordan, and if they will only stop and hear you, then they have a chance to hear us too. If they obey the Words of David and pick up those weapons they left lying in the sand at the time they fled the enemy to return to their tents, then they will also see the enemy has been pushed back just as the Syrians were pushed back due to the Words of the prophet. And if they, by faith, step into the boats and cross over the Jordan into the promises waiting for them in the wilderness, then they too will find flour and wheat in abundance, all supplied by the hand of God through the hands of their enemy”.

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Preparing the Elite Troops

“The success of their missions depends on their preparation and their unity. They are trained to obey at a moment’s notice, and they are so tightly bound together that they work as one body. They can practically read each other’s minds and anticipate each other’s actions. They are completely confident in each other’s loyalty. They know that the other will not
hesitate for a moment to do his job, obey, and even give.”


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