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PROPHECY DECEMBER 22, 2022…Man’s Ways versus God’s Way; this could set you free!

“You are the children of David; you are children of the King. You are children of two very important Kings. You were called and chosen, but you also had to choose. As each test came along, you had to choose the Higher Cause. You have not been alone, for you are indeed surrounded by a multitude of helpers, teachers and counselors. The Earth life is the ultimate testing ground and all would-be rulers of the Kingdom to come must pass through this life. It has been given you to understand the mystery of this life. (See Coming Division #117A) Now you must run the race to the finish line. You must finish the course and take up the crown that is rightfully yours. Those that cross the line with you will also pick up their rewards. You have read the blueprint, and now you understand the significance of this life. It is not about what you gain in this life, your ministry or your success or what you can gather around you. Those “things” are only part of the test. True kings and queens do not look to the things of this world, the power and riches, the castles and the lands. True rulers look to the King of kings, their Lover and Husband. These ones are married to Him and not His power. The things of this world and even the things of the world to come are for those that are called to serve in the courts of the kings and queens of the King. (Dan 7:27) True kings prefer the simpler things of life, but most of all, their desires lie in the arms of their Husband.  They are only happy when serving Him; these are His handmaidens.”

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Coming Division in the Last Time

“Even so also with this My New Church–out of nowhere and from nothing, despised in their youth and their coarse attire, with but a single pebble and a simple sling and none of the armor or entrappings with which the Old Church hath surrounded herself–with no mighty fortress but Me, no great castles, but My living fellowship!”

(More Prophecies on Old and New Church [#0117])