Army ants


A great part of the victory in any battle is when you can see the enemy, when you can spot the ways he’s trying to defeat you, because then you know which direction to attack. The same is true with our spiritual warfare. We have to expose the Enemy in order to know how to fight him. And thankfully, we have a Commander in Chief, our wonderful Husband Who sees it all, the big picture, and is always more than happy to point out to us where the Enemy is coming from and what tactics he’s using. (Spiritual Attacks Intensified! Lessons on what to do when you’re under attack! ML# 3255   7/99)


I now open your eyes, My Warrior Band, to know, ‘Something is afoot!’ I am dropping the veil to allow you to ‘see’ what you are facing. I gift you with great understanding while others lie in the power of the evil one. They continue sleeping on… but they believe they are very much together, active and enthusiastic in their efforts to get ahead, make money and be successful and live a ‘normal’ prosperous life. They think you sit there doing nothing and going nowhere and living in ‘poverty’ to boot!  The upside-down world of contrary beliefs and ways of operating which are totally contrary to My ways; life without Me or lip service only!


We are at war beloved! Shake yourselves and let Me show you the reality of all that is really going on around you. The ‘Army ants’ are on the march to quell the Light of the truth.


The city on a hill is shining too brightly. It’s drawing unwelcome, unwanted attention that displeases their master. His attacks are intensifying! His time is running out, and besides, he hates you and the truth you are putting out there, the Flame of the Words of David that you are holding high and that you are exposing the great travesty of the burning of the Books! He has lulled, pacified, down played, weakened, soothed, played his sleepy tune and outright lied to My children. But sadly they have welcomed it –for the easy life, for the moment, putting off and then putting down My calling, their destiny! So pliable, so obstinate! Jelly for a back bone! Unfaithful brides! Lift My Name, My beautiful Philadelphia brides! I adore your steadfastness despite so little to show. I just need your love after all and your faithfulness to stick to Me and My instructions to you no matter what. Let nothing deter you or pull you off the wall. You can be sure you are attracting much spiritual activity in this realm. My spiritual emissaries are being drawn to the energy of the Light of the Words of David and the wonderful New Wine that is illuminating your atmosphere! It is causing a sensation here …thrilling and exciting, but at the same time sobering because of the fight that lies ahead. My troops are being amassed round about you, and as they arrive, My angels and spirit helpers thrill to the fray. They turn around to hedge you round about from the attacks and the onslaught to come.

So keep your protective shields powered up through your key-powered prayers, and as the spiritual attacks intensify, you must stay in communication with your support team, your protective army, so that they fortify your position. Your job is to provide them with the ammunition to bring down the hordes of Satan and resist them through the all-powerful keys! And it is imperative you keep posting the New Wine as a testimony against all who have vilified My name through besmirching the Words of David! My army awaits to fulfill their destiny as well. You have intensified the spiritual warfare through defying the claim that the Words of David are not true and that they are dead! The enemy’s time is short now, and he will try to play dirty. Watch out for those lines of ferocious army ants! As you saw, they can dissect a scorpion limb by limb because of their overwhelming numbers. But fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul! Fear and tremble, you devils, for the Children of David, know they are weak, yet will defy and resist and overcome through the power of the Keys and the army of His angelic helpers! Hold on, for though persecutions come and you go through tribulations, I will be nigh; those who dwell under My shadow shall fear no evil. Your prayers have raised up a powerful spirit army ready to fight and put down the strongholds of Satan. Fight on, My beloveds; hold tight your Keys-turned-to-swords and use  them; slash and cut and destroy the enemy; push his attacks back so as little damage as possible is done; pray them back on his own pathetic head! Stand firm and hold the hill for Me. Your part is to be alert and awake and pray like mad. Give your spirit army overwhelming ammunition to bring down the hordes of Satan and his filthy kingdom. It won’t be long now My loves. Soon…very soon! Xxx Remember the spiritual warfare depends on you!  (End of prophecy)

Submitted to MB

“One of the greatest dangers at this stage of the war is going along as if you can get by with the weapons of the past or the way you used to fight and win. You must see that the Enemy’s attacks have increased; they’re more dangerous now, and to recognize them you need My help, My diagnosis. You can no longer rely on your feelings, your in­tuition, or your analysis of the situation. You must realize that the senses which served you so well before are being bombarded with the Enemy’s lies and dissatisfaction, pain, discouragement, hurt and trial.” (Spiritual Attacks Intensified! [#3255])


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