Living the Law of Love


(Jesus speaking:) I have given the total freedom of the Law of Love to the children of David for several reasons: They have given their all to Me and have wholeheartedly embraced the Words of David. They have been willing to give to the limit, and have let Me break their hearts for the needs of others. Thus I have been able to purge from the children of David the selfishness and self-righteousness that permeates the church system. When I compare the selfishness and self-righteousness of the children of David to My children in the church, it’s as if you have none. You are so advanced in your yieldedness, it’s as if the selfishness and self-righteousness did not exist. I know it’s there, but in My love for you, as My brides, I see it not when I know you’re trying the best you can. The truth of the Law of Love could be available to others if they had the faith, but except for a very few exceptions, they don’t. And the reason they don’t have the faith is because they don’t have or believe the Words of David.

Don’t you see, My precious ones?–The key to this total freedom is in the Word! You have faith because you have the Word–the hot, radical Word from Heaven!

This total freedom and total abandonment in love is a special gift that is reserved for you who have given your all to Me. You’ve surrendered your pride, your reputation, your mate or lover, the traditional values of this world and even the church system, because you wanted all that I have to give you. Such yieldedness, such faith in the Words of David, has brought Me great joy. And in return I give you something of inestimable value–the full truth of My Law of Love. Revel in this truth, in this love, for it is My gift of love to you, My faithful children of David. Pity those who could have such love, such freedom, such expression of My Spirit in all aspects of their lives, but who don’t, for their lack of faith and dedication to Me. Let not those who seek to keep the old Law intimidate you, for they are the ones in darkness and in bondage.

They are the ones who hold on to their own righteousness, who have not given themselves to Me as you have. They have blocked the flow of My Spirit. They have cut themselves off because they say, “Thus far and no further.” But you, My precious hot brides, say, “Give me more, give me more!” And therefore I do! I give you more of the breathtaking, life-giving freedom of My love than anyone has had before! Just as you fight to let no man steal your crown, fight to let no man steal this freedom which is your due, your reward, My special gift to you! My Family, My children of David, have been blessed with the Law of Love. They’ve been blessed with deep truths of My Spirit and a great knowledge of My spiritual principles and how they operate. They’ve been blessed with an understanding of how I work, how I bless, how I reward giving, unselfishness, and sacrifice. Therefore you, My Family, are accountable to live My Law of Love, to fulfill the obligation of love, to live in love and kindness one toward another. Be assured that these principles of My Word are true, and that I will bless love, giving, and faith; and that I will not reward selfishness. (End of message from Jesus.)  (Living the Lord’s Law of Love Pt. 2)

“My Law of Love is that which sets apart the children of David from My other children. Not only is it radical, free and unconventional, but it’s difficult, and it’s only for the strongest. It separates the men from the boys and the women from the girls. It separates the soldiers from the civilians, and even separates the avant-garde, the elite troops, from the regular troops.”


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