bridegroom power

(Jesus speaking:) As a man and his wife are partners in marriage and the wife gains access to what the husband possesses, so it is with you and Me. I give you My power, My anointing, My Spirit in greater measure than ever before for the days which lie ahead. As I did when I was in this world, so will you do in the days which are upon you now, and are even at the door. As I healed the sick, gave sight to the blind, made the crippled to walk and raised the dead, so will you. I grant you this same power, that you might do greater works in the days to come than I did.

to overcome evil

“I grant you these gifts because the time is short and the days are evil. A flood of iniquity is about to be unleashed upon the Earth, and where iniquity does abound and darkness does spread, My grace does much more abound and My light is shed abroad even brighter! So I give you these gifts that you may shine more brightly than ever, that I may be lifted up and that all men may know of Me and My power to save, to heal, to protect, and to grant eternal life”!

closer the better

” To be truly one‚ there can be nothing between us-no other desires, no other thoughts, no hint of the cares of this life. Learning to do this comes gradually, but this must be our goal. We must become so one in spirit that we know each other as we know our own heart. The closer you draw to Me, the greater the power that is transmitted, the stronger our intimate link will be .”


Intimate link

“This offensive weapon of intimately loving Me could be described as your power source. Through loving Me intimately, you channel whatever power is needed into all the other weapons of the spirit that you have chosen to be a part of your personal spiritual arsenal. Without your intimate link with Me, you are lacking a very important source of power. It would be like trying to charge up a super laser using AAA batteries.”

kisses and praise for our king

(Prophecy:) Oh My children, so do I love your love for Me, and so do I pour forth My Love upon you. For you bring unto Me great pleasure when you stop and take time to love Me, to kiss Me, to caress Me, to praise Me, when you call unto Me, when I hear the words of love that you speak unto Me, and when we love together; for it is as the pleasure of when two become one. As it brings you great pleasure to be one with another, so it brings Me pleasure to be one with you.

the reward of faith

“Many of My disciples turned away and followed Me no more, because they did not see with the eyes of the Spirit, but tried to understand it in the flesh.  But I am preparing My children for the future, for living in the realm of the Spirit. I am giving them tests now, in preparation for the grades they will need to graduate from in the future.  And you cannot skip grades or jump grades; you must pass one grade at a time.”