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When I read this letter below, given in November 1987, I suddenly thought, “What seven words (seven secret kisses) are so powerful?…that they defeat the Devil? Then I thought, and counted the phrase:  “Call on the Power of the Keys!”  and “Call on the Keys of the Kingdom” Wow!!


THE SEVEN SECRET KISSES!    11/87–“Groanings Which Cannot Be Uttered!”–Romans 8:26.           DO 2400

  1. Rebuke the Enemy in the Name of Jesus, even in the Name of David! Defend me, O Lord, with the Seven Kisses You’ve given unto David, even the Seven Secret Words He has given to me for my defence! (Maria: What are they used for?)–For power, for defence! The Enemy cannot resist the Seven Secret Kisses of David! Hallelujah! That’s my prayer against the Enemy. They’re my Words of Defence! TYJ! TYL!
  2. (Tongues & kisses) (Maria: What is that, can you say?) I’m praying. I’m praying! (Maria: It would encourage the whole Family if you could tell me what you’re praying.) I can hear what I’m praying. (Maria: But they can’t understand.) They don’t need to know. They just need to know that I pray! It’s a prayer He prays through us with groanings which cannot be uttered!–Rom.8:26
  3. (Tongues) That’s my prayer against the Enemy! That’s my prayer of promise that God has given me against my enemies that I fight in the night, those who seek to overcome me even in my sleep! Didn’t you know I have many many enemies, spiritual enemies that try to attack me even when I’m sleeping? But the Lord provides, protects & keeps me that I may survive to do His Will until I’m finished! PYL! Hallelujah! TYJ! In Jesus’ name, Lord, thank You for those prayers! Thank You for those prayers, Lord, that You’ve given me for my defence! (Tongues & Kisses)
  4. TYJ! Hallelujah! Lord, in Jesus’ name, rebuke all the forces of evil that try to wake me & keep me from sleeping, Lord, in Jesus’ name! Help me to go back to sleep, Lord! I resist you, Satan, in the Name of Jesus! I resist you, Oplexicon! I resist you, all evil spirits that annoy me–in Jesus’ name! TYJ! PYL! Hallelujah! In Jesus’ name. Hallelujah! XXXXXXX!
  5. (Tongues) These are the prayers of David. These are the prayers of David, groanings which cannot be uttered! Praise You Jesus! They’re just secret prayers between me & the Lord. He understands because He gives them, He gives the prayers. I don’t even know what I’m praying, except that I know it’s fighting the Devil with very great & powerful Words in the Spirit beyond my comprehension! But the Lord gives them & He understands. He’s talking to the Devil through me & He’s giving me Words to fight the Devil, powerful Words, really great Words, wonderful Words! They’re really Magic Words that really hit the Devil hard & he cannot overcome them, especially the Seven Secret Words that God has given me for protection that he cannot overcome! It is impossible for the Enemy to overcome these Words & these Seven Kisses of David. I have but to utter them & he flees! (Tongues) Amen?
  6. Do you hear them? (Maria: Yes!) Every time I utter them he runs, he’s really scared! Hallelujah! TYL! In the Name of Jesus! I have the gift of the Spirit, the Words to fight the Enemy! The Words of the Spirit straight from the Lord, better than any other words. I just can fight the Enemy in the Words of the Spirit!
  7. (Tongues) It’s a beautiful language, a beautiful tongue of men & Angels! It covers me. It covers me with wonderful wonderful power!–Just like a coating of protection! Hallelujah! TYJ!–In Jesus’ name. It’s wonderful to be free in the Spirit, to just utter the Words of the Lord & Angels, of men & of Angels!
  8. I speak with the tongues of men & of Angels for I have Love that surrounds me & protects me & keeps me, the wonderful wonderful Love of Jesus! TYL! Sweet Baby, I love you! Don’t you know He gives me all these Magic Words to protect me? I get them all from Jesus & it’s just wonderful, & when I pray them, all those little devils & big devils just flee, they cannot stand it! They cannot stand the Prayers & Words & Kisses of David that Jesus has given me! TYJ! –ARE YOU USING HIS WORDS IN PRAYER!

“Did this mean the Keys?  XXXXXXX  –the Seven secret kisses (keys-us?) like a code or password or bank card number that is typed but others only see an X or something, to keep it secret? Or those that don’t know how to read so write sign their name with “x”. Dad often put these 7 Kisses on his letters..”

More on the Keys! # 3359 6/01

How can you possibly not desire the greatest power in the universe?–Not just spiritual power, but the direct, tangible, physical, moving, commanding power of the keys. Yes, it is gold magic. It is the purest and highest commanding power over the physical realm–over matter, people, animals, weather–as well as all opposing spiritual forces. The keys can do battle with lower magic and base magic, evil magic, even the so-called white magic that supposedly does good and creates harmony and peace.

The magic of the world has absolutely nothing on the golden magic you now possess. It’s available. Why not use it? Why not become skilled in it? 

What a Husband and Lover! [#3098]

This was a test, a requirement, a challenge to the children of David. If you as a whole would be willing to accept the deep, radical, revolutionary new truth of the “Loving Jesus” revelation, then would be given into your hands the keys to the truth of the universe.

(Kaye: That’s what Jesus thinks about the Words He poured out to us, His children. –They are to be cherished with a passion)


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