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  The keys and My spirit helpers work hand in hand. Both are My gifts of love to you, both are designed to serve you, and by using them together you will see tremendous tangible results. The keys of the Kingdom make you more aware of the spirit world.

Prophecy, David speaking:

“If you want to know what you need to do to best prepare for the few years that are left, this is one of the most important things you can do: Continue to hone your gifts of listening to Jesus, hearing from Him in prophecy and receiving His instruction. Learn to hear from Him in prophecy about everything! Make it a habit! Give it all you’ve got, as if everything depended upon it, because it does! I tried to teach you this concept in the beginning, from as far back as that famous message I named “For God’s Sake, Follow God!” You’ve been learning step by step all along, and now Jesus is fine-tuning you in this area and showing you that you simply won’t be able to live without it.

Hearing from Jesus in prophecy about everything will not only be the means of your survival, but it will also be the means of your shining glory! This is why it’s so important for you all to hone your gifts of prophecy! Hearing from Jesus in prophecy before you make a move is the means by which He will be able to direct you and use you to perform greater works in these Last Days. Because Jesus can trust you to obey, to check in with Him on everything, then He knows you’ll always be ready, waiting, and willing to be used to perform the great exploits needed to defy the works of evil in these Last Days. He knows He’ll be able to trust you to get the job done, to stand up for the truth, and lead the world to victory in His Name. This is the victory that will overcome the world, your faith and your obedience to not make a move without getting His direction and hearing from Him in prophecy.  (New Era of Greater Works #3267)


  The keys of spiritual awareness will part the veil and bring unity and communication between you and your spirit helpers.


Whilst on earth, Jesus instructed you to discern the signs of the times. He’s told you repeatedly in His Word to watch and pray, and there could hardly be a more vital time than now for you to heed this instruction. Jesus has told you to be prepared. He’s warned you to not be caught unaware, to discern the signs of the times, and to watch and pray. How do you not get caught unaware? How do you not get caught with your pants down? How do you discern the signs of the times? How are you not going to be deceived by the tricks of the Enemy and his treacherous devices? By watching and praying.

And how do you watch and pray? What’s the best way you can watch and pray? The best way you can watch and pray is to continually be looking to Jesus,  and not only look to Him, but listen to Him and receive your instructions from Him for your every move. There you go! It all goes back to this–you can’t make a move without hearing from God! I used to tell you if you went ahead without hearing from God, you’d fall flat on your face. Well, I think I’ll have to revise that statement, because nowadays the ante has been upped, and in these days if you try to make a move without hearing from God, if you don’t get down to business with Jesus and hear from Him in prophecy, if you proceed without His leading, it’s apt to cost you a whole lot more than a little fall on your face!” (Dad)

In Sight of the Stadium

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Who’s Who in the Spiritual Warfare

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You Begin This Charge

“Call on the keys of spiritual sensitivity and receptivity, and My nudges and checks and reminders of the spirit will become stronger and more noticeable to you, and will help you make a habit of “asking Me everything.”


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