Agenda one

the 10 horns

the puppeteer

“Let him who will hear, listen: for there be those mighty men in the world who will lead the way. These are they who do prepare the way and set the stage so that the Wicked One might take center stage, and they do lead the way in the applause. Though they appear mighty and powerful in the eyes of the world, they, too, through the deceitfulness of riches and the motivation of fear, are moved to applaud the entrance of the one who will be worshiped by all the world. These who sit in high places, the big money boys and magistrates alike, are being warned as the pendulum swings, that it is indeed out of their control. They are being reminded that there is a need for the puppeteer to wield his magic wand to bring order out of chaos, else they too will collapse.” (World Currents! No.87)

“These days of extreme swings serve their purpose and motivate these who sit in high places.These events serve as a cue, a signal to man their stations, curtain time, for the scene is about to begin.

And all the world will worship the Wicked One for a time,

as they marvel at his agility and his ability to keep the marionettes moving and flowing and dancing in apparent sync and coordination.” (World Currents! No.87)

Out Of Memphis

USED the puppeteer


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